It is believed that kids who grow up reading all sorts of different books tend to have a wider and more imaginative thinking range. Their perception of things is more advanced and that they are relatively more capable than children who have been deprived the approach to knowledge. There are several novelists whom I have personally admired all throughout my life and have loved their books. I have compiled for the readers a list of the most avid novelists that youngsters and adults would admire equally. Their books revolve around the genres of crime, murder, mystery,suspense, mystery, romance, horror, and drama invoking thoughts that are mesmerizing! They create in your mind a world so different so unique that they take you to a whole other land.


Steig Larsson was a journalist in Sweden and was a crime fiction writer who died in 2004. A lot of his books were bestsellers in 40 different countries and many have been adapted into movies. Some of his most famous books include The girl who played with fire, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (which has been remade so many times and also very recently), The man who left too soon, and then the Millennium series which was a big hit world-wide plus many more.


The Lord of the Rings, The fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers! Sounds familiar? Well the three movies which were super-duper hits were based upon novels written by J.R.R Tolkein. He is an American poet, a novelist, and a philologist. The books mentioned above which were converted into coveted movies are the most famous fiction works from the author and best sellers around the world. His other books are The Hobbit and the Return of the King to mention a few. He is the fifth highest paid dead celebrity according Forbes.


The woman who shot to fame when her book “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone” came out. She claims to have had a stroke of good luck with the Harry Potter series and became one of the richest persons of the world. The entire Harry Potter series has been converted into block buster movies and children have gained a lot of familiarity and sense of attachment to the characters in the novels. It is another thing to watch the movies and a whole experience to actually read the novels. Rowling has a writing power so captivating that it transforms you to the time and place as if you have “Disapparated” if you know what I mean!


Another very popular novelist whose books are loved by many is Agatha Christie. It is a well-known fact that followers of her books have been loyal readers since they held the first book. She is a Britisher who has been known to write on topics such as crime and not only novel, she is also into short stories and plays. She mainly around the following genres: mystery, murder, crime fiction, thrillers, romances and her novels have been known to be best sellers around the world. Murder in Mesopotamia, Appointment with Death, Death on the Nile, and They came to Baghdad are some of most popular books.


The Confession, The Partner, The Testament, The Associate, and The Appeal! All well-known and extremely well read titles belonging to John Grisham. A name that is not anonymous to any novel freak just like myself. The man has an amazing skill, a writing style that over powers the reader, a depth that pulls them in. He is America’s thriller fiction writer and beginning with THE FIRM, nearly all of his books were transformed into movie.


Have you ever heard about the movie CUJO and how it was insanely disturbing and a freaking horror movie? Have you heard about IT, or perhaps PET SEMATARY? These and a lot more belong to the greater horror, thriller, science fiction writer of all time, Mr Stephen King. If you want horror, never chilling thrill that creeps down your spine than King is the writer for you. With over 500 million copies of his books in print, the writer is a huge success. A lot of his books were converted into movies.


So when we are done with the thrillers and the mysteries and crimes and murders, we come to Cecilia Ahern. A gem of a writer with a style so soft that is melts your hearts. She is a special favorite of all young girls out there and has even known to impress a few girls so much as to enable them to write. This is a big achievement. She rose to fame when her famous book ” P.S I Love You” was converted into a movie and was a super hit. She has written other impressive romantic fiction as well out of which “Where Rainbows End” is my personal favorite and a great recommendation to all book lovers.


If it is mystery that you desire than Sheldon is the man for you. He has a total of 16 mystery novels and all of them were best sellers, most of them record-breaking. Sidney has a loyal following of readers and those that love just love him, nothing given nothing taken. He mostly write on mystery, crime, suspense and such a suspense that has you holding onto the book till the very end. He is very famous for having his stories centered on powerful and confident, beautiful women. His books are a must read if you are mystery fan.


“So the lion fell in love with the lamb” has to be the most coveted romantic line to hit Facebook statuses and cover pictures and no wonder because Stephenie Meyer, the name behind the whole twilight series has done an amazing job. She is mainly a writer of the romantic genre but lately her science fiction word THE HOST is getting a lot of positive appreciation. We look forward to more of her work right after we have had enough of an indulgence in Edward and Bella, to say the least.


The writer of “The Da Vinci Code” which is known now as the most popular book with over 80 million copies sold, is an American writer catering to the thriller fiction genre. His other famous works are The Lost Symbol, Deception Point, and Race the Pale Horse to name a few. His thriller “The Digital Fortress” is also a must read.