It is true that fictions have nothing to do with reality but that doesn’t stop them from being interesting whether it’s a book or a movie. Rather, the most interesting stories or movies I’ve read and seen respectively were fiction. Most of the times in every story or a movie there is a villain and a hero and while we are always rooting for the hero, if the villain is anywhere near cool, we tend to drool over him. This list follows the ten most evil children in the world of fiction. You will not believe some of the characters discussed in this article so give it a read and find out. To make it a tad bit more interesting, just imagine these characters actually exist in the real world.


When I look at this character it reminds of the Dragon Ball Z’s characters. I totally despise the way they look and therefore I am not a very big fan of this guy as well. Anyway, Tetsuo began from a bike gang that he made with his friends. All of sudden, he found these strange super powers that turned him into a God (metaphorically). Tetsuo finally turns into a monster because these scientists keep performing weird experiments with his brain. He also kills one of his friends Kairi. Tetsuo is a character from Akira.


Varvara shouldn’t really be in this list because she’s not a human and therefore not a child. She is in fact a demon that disguises itself as a little human girl and it is very, very old. Varvara is a demon who refused to take Peter’s soul (Peter the great). This little child or the vessel of this demon is a cold-blooded murderess. It considers humans as if they were toys and their lives meant absolutely nothing to it so the demon would kill humans as if they were insects. The demon, as you must already have guessed is immortal. Varvara is a production of B.P.R.D comics. It is a must read; totally scary and is bound to curl your skin.


‘The Bad Seed’ is another must watch movie and without this movie, the concept of evil, villainy children might never have existed. Yeah it’s old, but never mind that, old is gold. It’s sad how her mother really loves her. She has no clue what a horrible person her daughter really is. But she finds that out soon enough, and you can’t believe the horror that she goes through when she finds out.


Lord of the Flies tells you what the human nature is all about. It is one of the greatest books and one of the greatest characters ever written. Roger likes to kill and torture humans and animals. He is a representation of humanity’s lust for turmoil and conflict.


You will never ever think about a group of children in the same way ever again. An experiment is conducted in a small town of Europe and these children are the result. I can think of only two words for them; united and strong. They feature in ‘Village of the Damned’.


The poor kid herself was absolutely harmless and totally adorable but she’s possessed by this demon and that demon is a totally different story. She features in the movie called ‘The Exorcist’. I first watched it when I was in the tenth grade and it scared the hell out of me. I can’t even begin to explain exactly what her character was about. You have to see the movie. I’m sure the picture explains a little bit.


This character came as a surprise to me too. Most of you wouldn’t know him. He features in the short story that goes by the name ‘Miss Smith’. He doesn’t seem all that villainy or scary in the beginning and he keeps you all fooled right till the very end. He just seems a little troubled, but once you reach the ending parts of the story you realize exactly how disturbed James actually is. It’s a must read.


You must remember him by his legendary character in the movies Home Alone 1 and 2. Well, he plays Henry Evans in ‘The Good Son’. His character owns a crossbow that fires nails. He has a very cynical view on life and he can manipulate humans. He was able to kill one sibling although he failed to kill his little sister, mother and one of his cousins. Macaulay Culkin gives a very memorable performance and it’s absolutely weird seeing him in this character considering how adorable he was in the ‘home alone’ movies.


Damien is the flesh and blood of Lucifer. His character was frighteningly evil for a child his age. He would kill people by creating accidents of sorts. He features in ‘The Omen’ and its one good movie. By using his weird powers he could make people involve in weird accidents and then eventually die. Since Damien himself plays a little child, no one suspects of him of these killings. The most memorable of all the scenes is the one where is father sees the number of the beast i.e. 666, burned into his scalp.


Anthony is the unmatched winner and is taking home the first prize on our list with his powers beyond anyone mentioned in this list or better yet anyone in the history. He doesn’t use his innocence, nor does he use mind control or anything of that sort. He actually uses his unexplained power to get whatever he desires and that in its entirety is very impressive and even deadly. All he needs to do is think, and whatever he thinks will happen, whether it’s for something to appear or for something to disappear is irrelevant. As long as it’s him who thinks it, it will happen. I’m talking about his character in ‘The Twilight Zone’ and you have to agree. He wins this contest fair and square.

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