Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara was born on the 14th June in 1928. He is more commonly known as el Che or Che. He was a revolutionary, physician, author, intellectual, guerrilla leader, diplomat and a military theorist. He is hated by many and he is loved by many as well and a major figure of the Cuban Revolution. Today he is even remembered as the biggest commercial success. Many also refer to him as the most brutal murderer ever. No matter which corner of the world you go to, they will know of Che Guevara. Not a  lot of people, however, ‘know’ Che Guevara and even less know the facts that I am about to mention, so read on.


This particular name ‘Che Guevara’ incites love or hate. This name is a synonym to freedom fighting for some while for others it is an equivalent to butchery. What most of you probably do not know is that his real name was Ernesto Lynch. This name doesn’t really have the same impact as Che Guevara now does it? There was nothing very strong or powerful about his original name however the name that caught on is a completely different story.


When he was young he was referred to as ‘Chancho’; it means ‘pig’. He was nicknamed so because of his bathing habits. He did not bathe that often and he proudly wore a ‘weekly shirt’; that means that he changed his shirt only once a week. Throughout his life people condemned him because of these habits but he never changed but that’s partly because people wouldn’t say anything to his face because he once had the power to get anyone executed in a snap.


Most of you will probably not believe this now because of the image he has in your heads but when he was young he was quite the geek. He loved chess and even played in professional tournaments. He also had a strong passion for poetry. His favorite subjects during school were mathematics and engineering. If that kind of boy lived in today’s society, he would either be referred as ‘emo’ or a nerd. In the picture above you can see an impression of Che if he were a nerd or EMO.


Of course most of you will know him as a Cuban because of his actions in Cuba but what you probably didn’t know (I stated in the first paragraph) is that Che Guevara was actually born in Argentina and he was never even a Cuban citizen. When he was born, his father is noted to have said that the blood in Che’s veins is that of an Irish rebel. Funny how  a person did so much for a country he never became even a citizen of


There seems to some misunderstanding about it and not a lot of consensus can be found regarding this but it is reported that in 1953, Che Guevara completed his medical studies. He graduated successfully as Doctor Ernesto Guevara. It is also said that whilst his time as a student, he was very interested in the disease known as ‘leprosy’.


Che Guevara once travelled to the USA in order to give a speech to the United Nations in New York. This was back in 1964. You can find video clips of the speech on YouTube. He condemned the United States of their various policies that concerned racial segregation. Following are a few lines from his speech: “Those who kill their own children and discriminate daily against them because of the color of their skin; those who let the murderers of blacks remain free, protecting them, and furthermore punishing the black population because they demand their legitimate rights as free men — how can those who do this consider themselves guardians of freedom?”


Of course with the reputation that precedes Che Guevara, we do not really consider him as much of a family man however, he did have children. He had one child with his first wife. Her name was Hilda Gadea and she born on 15th February in 1956. Her birth place was Mexico City. Surprisingly enough, he had four more children with his second wife, Aleida March.


After Che Guevara was executed, a military doctor amputated his hands. The Bolivian army transferred the dead body to an undisclosed location. It is not yet certain whether his body was actually buried or was it cremated. The hands however were preserved and they were sent to Buenos Aires for fingerprint identification. His fingerprints were found on the file that was with the Argentinian Police. The hands were later sent off to Cuba.


This icon of his is one of the world’s most merchandized and objectified images. It can found on many different objects such as badges, shirts, flags, carpets, posters, tattoos and even bikini. His iconic graphic is on the things that he hated. Ironically, this is exactly the consumer behavior he despised. The original picture was taken by Alberto Korda at a memorial service. At that time of courses, he was the only one who that highly of the shot, little did he know that in the years to come that very shot will be such a huge hit.


In the hearts of many in Cuba, Ernesto remains a hero. School children all over Cuba pledge in the morning that they will be like Che Guevara. In Argentina (his homeland) there are many museums dedicated to his memory and in 2008 a 12 foot bronze statue was unveiled in Rosario where he was born. There some Bolivian farmers workers who refer to this guy as the Saint and therefore Saint Ernesto. They pray to him for assistance. Of course, the Catholic Church does not consider him that way but that doesn’t change the mind of the people who love him.

Well, there you have it folks. These were ten things even I didn’t know about him until the recent past. Hope you enjoyed the read. What do you guys think of Che Guevara? Let us know.