I am not that big a fan of history or historical figures for that matter. I do read about them off and on though. Every historical figure has some million stories related to him or her. Now, we can’t be sure which one of those stories is actually true but there is no harm in discussing them is there? This list talks about ten famous historical figures and a scandal or controversy related to them. I find it quite interesting. It is up to you whether you believe in these scandals or not but rest assured that the things I am about to mention below are little known.


Adolf Hitler evaded tax. Recent research uncovered that he got out of paying 405,500 million Reichsmarks in tax back when he became the chancellor of Germany in 1934. He was forgiven for all this evasion of course. He was able to earn 1.2 million Reichsmarks for sales of Mein Kampf and got out of paying 600,000 Reichsmarks in tax.


Winston Churchill was racist. Sure, he was an excellent writer and there are countless amazing quotes that he said over time but he had a dark side. Check the following; it’s what he said:

“I do not admit… that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia… by the fact that a stronger race, a higher grade race… has come in and taken its place.” -Churchill to Palestine Royal Commission, 1937.

“I do not understand the squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favor of using poisonous gas against uncivilized tribes” – Writing as the President of the Air Council.


Gandhi was a dirty old man or so the scandals go. He was 36 years old and married when he decided to achieve a state of enlightenment and celibate. He grew older and sex became the second most popular topic with him; the first being non-violence. Gandhi used to sleep naked with naked girls; one of these naked girls was the 16 year old wife of his grand-nephew. He also slept with her nineteen year old grandniece Manu Gandhi to “correct her sleeping posture”.


George Washington was able to trick the Congress into paying him hefty sums of money. Interestingly enough, George Washington turned down the salary of a little over 1,000 dollars a month and instead took on an expense account very cleverly. By doing so, instead of earning around 12,000 dollars a year he was paid $449,261.51. If you compare that to today’s dollar value, it goes up to around 4,250,000 dollars; clever Mr. Washington, very clever.


It is said that Martin Luther was anti-semite. Martin Luther was a very famous monk and he is a hero to many. He was also strong anti-Jewish. He wrote ‘On the Jews and Their Lies’ and he recommended that Jews should be deprived of money, civil rights, education and religious teaching. He also mentioned that they should be forced into labor and expelled from Germany and even killed. He did not consider Jews as people of God. Jews were filth to him.


Thomas Jefferson was against the white people having children with black people. He did so himself and later denied his offspring. He was against the entire concept and whilst he was preaching this garbage, he had several children with his slave Sally Hemings. She was the illegitimate half-sister of his wife. The DNA was tested in the recent times and it was proven that at least one of Hemings’ children was from Thomas Jefferson.


The great scientist Albert Einstein is said to be a philanderer. He was perhaps the greatest mind of the twentieth century and most of us know him because of his theory of relativity. He started his life as a clerk in a patent office. He had a strong passion for the violin. He also cheated on both his wives on many occasions. After splitting up with his first wife, he married his cousin and shorty after that he had an affair with his secretary. It said that he spent time with six women whilst being married to his cousin.


Reports have it that the great Elvis Presley was obsessed with James Dean. He had many such qualities that affected his personal and public life. Elvis wanted to be an actor and wanted to be the next James Dean. Elvis befriended Nick Adams. He was a very close friend of James Dean. It is said that Nick Adams had sexual relations with both Elvis Presley and James Dean. Nevertheless, Elvis was a brilliant singer and he really didn’t have to be obsessed with acting.


The Vice-President Andrew Johnson is said to have taken his presidential oath while he was completely drunk. He was the VP during the reign of President Lincoln. He reminded the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Cabinet etc. that they owed their positions to him and people like him. Andrew Johnson eventually became the president and his presidency was a disaster. The Congress tried to impeach him twice and they were successful on the second try.


It is said that Pope Pius IX kidnapped a Jewish child and had him raised as a Catholic. On 23rd June 1858, police raided the house of a Jewish couple and seized one of their eight children. The child was six years old at that time. He was transported to Rome so he could be raised as the ward of the state. The police had these orders from the Pope. Edgardo, the kidnapped child, was baptized by a Catholic servant girl. The baptism was deemed valid and it made him a Christian. The Jewish couple was told that they could have their son back if they changed their faith to Catholic.

Guess no matter how famous you are, you still have that dark side waiting to get out of you and act up. What do you think about the people I mentioned above? Your opinion matters.