You have seen some movies where the humans come into some sort of sexual contact with supernatural beings. Well, it’s in the movies for some reasons. Throughout the time there have been several myths regarding these particular concepts and there have been many stories as well. People have talked about certain incidents that led us to believe in their possible existence. Over time, these supernatural beings became known as ‘sex demons’. While now is a different story, during ancient times being unexpectedly pregnant or getting an abortion resulted in anger from the people whom one was close to. One theory is that in order to cover for those incidents people made up these sex demons. Ten of the most popular ones are listed below in this article.


Popobawa means ‘bat-wing’ in Swahili. It is said to be a large creature that resembles a bat. It has one eye. It is said that this creature stalks men and women in Zanzibar, Africa and then rapes them. It is also said to have shape-shifting powers and is often in the form of either a human or an animal. It visits households at night. Some say that this creatures roots are in Islam and according to the researcher Benjamin Radford, the recitation of Quran keeps this particular demon at bay.


Chiloe is an island to the south of Chile and it is said to be the home of Trauco. Trauco is a dwarf with a power to paralyze women with a glare. After the women are paralyzed he makes love to them. The creature is described as being very ugly. If a singer woman is pregnant on that island, it is considered to be the work of Trauco. La Fiura is the wife of Trauco and she, apparently, is irresistible to men. She has intercourse with men and then drives them insane.


Succubus is a female demon who would take on the form of a woman and seduce men. You must have already guessed that the male version of this demon is ‘Incubus’. It would turn into a charming man and seduce women, you know the drill. The incubus however, is said to impregnate women and the baby they give birth to appears still, with no breath or pulse whatsoever. The child will be normal at the age of seven though and will be very intelligent, it is said. This is how another Incubus is born. It is believed by many that Virgin Mary was de-flowered by an Incubus.


The dolphins in the Boto River in Brazilian rainforest, Amazon Basin are believed to have the power of metamorphosis. They could turn into a charming man called ‘Encantado’, which means ‘the enchanted one’. This ‘man’ would then take women to the river and turn back to a dolphin and impregnate them. It is said that Encantado always wore a hat. To this date, killing a dolphin from Boto River is considered as bad luck because it is said that if you kill one, you will suffer from nightmares till you die; not a happy thought I believe.


This is a demon who would visit the women in their sleep. There is also a feminine version of this creature called ‘Lilin’. These demons were known to kidnap children. Ardat Lili would visit men at night to ensure the continuation of her species. So I am going to go ahead and assume here that the species are continued because of human males. That’s an interesting thought. These demons have Jewish origins, as in the story comes from the Jews.


This story travels from Hungary. This creature hatches from the first egg of a black hen and hides in a person’s pocket. It enters the victim’s house through the keyhole. Once it successfully enters the house it then changes the shape into a human. This particular human then rapes the victim and leaves they house messed up. So if you every go to Hungary and see people and children stomping on eggs, you can assume that the egg was the first one from a black hen.


A large number of young women were raped in Malaysia in 1960. They rapist was a naked man who was covered entirely with oil and he was invisible to non-virgins (if he wished to). So the women in Malaysia started wearing dirty, sweaty clothes in order to make Orang believe that they were actually men. Sightings of the ‘oily man’ have been reported over and over again but there is another debate that says that Orang is in fact a regular human and not supernatural.

3. ALP

Alp originated from German folklore and is supposedly an elf-like creature. It is said that these creatures are small and what they do is that they climb on to the chest of a sleeping person, turn into mist and enter the body of that particular person through the nose, mouth or the vagina. They then have the ability to control the person’s dreams. They would cause the victim to have nightmares and apparently the victims would wake up breathless. Well, I would wake up breathless if I had a terrible nightmare too.


Nephilim is a race of giants. They were born if a fallen angel would have intercourse with a human woman. This is what Genesis says about this, 6:4 ‘Now giants were upon the earth in those days. For after the sons of God went in to the daughters of men, and they brought forth children, these are the mighty men of old, men of renown’.


There have been countless cases where people have confessed to have had sexual ‘relations’ with aliens with and without their own consent. Now we still are to put our foot down on actual alien sightings but people around the world are telling stories of their ‘experiences’, that’s interesting. For example, a 52-year-old jazz singer Pamela Stonebrook claims to have had sex with a six-foot tall reptilian alien. Antonia Villas of Brazil claims that he was abducted and put in a room with fair-haired women who then made love to him. There are countless other stories but I’ll give it a rest here. What do you think, believable?