Hollywood is filled with actors who are beyond brilliant. Actors who can act a criminal one second and turn into a comedian the other. I guess what I am trying to say is that Hollywood is not short of multi genre actors, but there are some who really excel at it. This list gives you a brief over view of some of those high achievers. I would like to mention here that this article is my dedication to the loving and cherished memory of Heath Ledger; a multi genre actor of his calibre might not be born yet (and may his soul rest in peace). He is not included in this list because that would not have done justice to the actor that he was! Read on to find out who made it to the top ten of the most brilliant multi-genre actors in Hollywood.


Leonardo DiCaprio is the first one on this list of multi genre actors. He actually is a method actor. To those who know not, a method actor is the one who researches each and every role that he is handed and makes it relate to real life. This particular method is evident in nearly all of his roles. Take Blood Diamonds for starters. He is a very capable actor but obviously out of the many hollywood has and therefore he occupies the tenth spot on this list. Being the last doesn’t mean he is the least. He has played a diversified range of characters, all with the simplified ease of one who knows what he doing.


Glance at the following names: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Imaginarium, Edward Scissor Hands, Alice in Wonderland, and Sweeny Todd and you might just realize (if you do not already which would be quite astonishing to be truthful) that he is one gifted actor. He portrays his role with the perfection of a true professional. He can do the deadliest of villains, the wackiest of comedians, and the most romantic of all heroes. For him, I need not say more.


Matt Damon is another one of those actors who are known to be “Method Actors”. Just like I explained for Mr DiCaprio. For Matt, it is as easy to portray a good old next door neighbour as is to portray a dark, stingy, mysterious assassin. He is just that good. He joyfully accepts challenging roles and portrays them in an outstanding fashion. Well do not be astonished people, most of the actors you see on this list will be the best of the best because if you are not, you cannot be multi genre.


It might not come as a shock that he is the sibling of the famous Ben Affleck. He doesn’t have a never-ending list of flicks lined up in his folder but what ever little he has to his credit shows his calibre to quite an extent. He has those handsome looks that can play a jerk, a killer, and the perfect contrast to a thriller if the need be. In short he has it in himself to be a multi genre actor.


“Marky” as he is lovable called, has not had a remarkable career as is evident from the incredibly short list of movies he has done. But he shows the potential of a great actor in nearly all of them. It shows in films like FEAR where he was genuinely scary, THE OTHER GUYS where is pulled off his role as a cop, and then his best till now would be THE DEPARTED, which increased his market worth by quite a few jumps.


Now this is one actor that might actually make eyes bulge out and I am sure a lot of people would be nodding in acceptance to his being this high on the list. His performances have a sharp tinge of realism in them and the fact being that nearly all of his roles had him trying out something different, his portrayal was over all impressive. Let us take the example of the movie STONE where he plays this psychotic criminal and trust me, if you see this movie, you will actually start believing that he is psychotic. Yes dude, he is that real.


Tom Cruise, has bow been lifted of to a mental health facility after his widely reported and re-reported appearance at Oprah. Ok I am joking and my apologies to die-hard Tom fans but seriously the man has problems people. Despite that I have no shame in admitting the fact that although he is no method actor, the guy has amazing potential to portray characters with the most astonishing impact. He has managed to capture our imagination with the Mission Impossible series, and then he as done some serious roles where he seems to be questioning life itself, a portrayal so realistic, it has you in tears! He truly is an actor of class.


Joaquin Phoenix was never out to be THE ACTOR that would joyfully cover magazine spreads, the actor about whom the chronicles would be publishing interviews of all kinds, dying to get him to say something for them. I am placing him in this list solely for the reason that he deserves it because what ever little he has done, shows his capability as an actor. We are all eyes and ears for his upcoming film alongside Cassey Affleck. Let us see how that one turns out seeing that there are two well established actors in the lead. Pretty good-looking too I must say!


Christian Bale, the name renders me speechless. Whether it is a subtle minded killer or a meth addicted machinist, the roles he plays surpass all expectations. Some even say that his research into all of his roles enable him to portray something that is brilliant but defy logical reasoning. He is one of those actors who would go all out just to give it to that one role, just to make that one shot perfect, just that one  correct angle! I repeat, Christian Bale, renders me speechless!


Being usually portrayed as a joyful side kick to one of the leading actors, John C Reilly has recently done some roles which prove the fact that he is fit for a role that requires a certain drama to it. Although he spent most of his life doing comic roles, which is not all bad I say, but then again, I give him  the number one spot on this list just for the simple fact that he tried and he accomplished. He might seem a little odd out here among the hot shots of Hollywood but hey, the guy totally deserves it. I would have given him a round of applause if I were you!