Horror is one of my favorite genres but unfortunately not many good horror movies have come out in a very long time and that obviously decreased my interest in them. I think you guys must have gone through the same. It doesn’t however mean that there aren’t any good horror movies that are decent enough to have a list made out of them. I remember watching most of these and they were good. In fact there are a couple that I watched more than once. Horror movies have been discredited wildly for their violence and exploitation but still many directors came up with epic horrors that you have to see at least once. Below is a list of ten to get your started .


This is the first movie on this list. It is the original version of the ‘The Ring’ if you must know. Tomoko dies and his cousin Reiko is a reporter. He finds out about a tape that kills anyone after a week from when one views it. She doesn’t believe it until Tomoko’s friend, who too watched the tape, dies in the exact same time. That’s when she begins to investigate. She views the tape herself and thereafter, strange things start happening. She teams up with her ex-husband in order to the stock the clock of death counting the hours she has left.


There is a small beach resort town in Amity but the problem is that it is a feeding ground of this Great White Shark. The chief of police is really frustrated because of this. He wants to shut off the beach and chase the shark away. His efforts are rendered useless because of the mayor who relents. With revenge on his mind, the chief (a scientist and a fisherman) sets out to see in order to kill the beast and what happens next is for you to find out in graphic detail.


Carol Anne is connecting with the supernatural via a dead channel on the television. She lives in a pleasant neighborhood and is the youngest daughter of her family. After some time, these mysterious things enter the house. They seem like harmless ghosts who play tricks and amuse the family but that soon changes with the horrifying trees and the killer dolls. Carol is abducted into her bedroom closet and that is the entrance….


I am sure you guys have heard about this one if not the others. Five teenagers are on their way to visit their grandfather’s grave. They drive across a slaughterhouse, pick up a hitch-hiker, eat meat at a gas station and finally end up at an old family home. They discover then what actually is an entire family of cannibals. They are not good with social skills since everything is food to them, but they have developed some serious skills when it comes to the power tools.


Carrie is a shy and a young girl. She doesn’t make friends easily. She had a weird reaction to her first period and her classmates taunt her on that. One of the classmates takes pity on her and gets Tommy Ross (the hunk) to invite her to the senior prom. There is another girl who is banned from the prom has other plans though. She plans on embarrassing her in front of the entire school. What the poor girl didn’t know was that Carrie was not someone to be angered because she was gifted…


The headmaster of a boarding school has a wife and mistress who plan on killing him and they do. They drown his body in a bathtub and later they dumb the body in the filthy swimming pool that is in the school. The body is gone after the pool is drained. This is followed by strange sightings of the supposedly ‘dead’ headmaster. It is an epic and unbearable suspense and will have your driven right up the wall.


A couple moves into an apartment. Rosemary’s and Guy’s apartment is in a building with a bad reputation. Their neighbors are friendly (Roman and Minnie Castevet). Guy starts spending a lot of time with them and that’s when the strange begins. Rosemary meets a girl in the bathroom that dies mysteriously, she starts seeing strange dreams and hear noises. Guy becomes distant because of this. Rosemary gets pregnant and is paranoid…


Marion Crane is working girl. She sneaks away during lunch to meet her lover (Sam Loomis) and she is fed up of it. He can’t get married because he doesn’t have any money. So one day, Marion Crane’s employer asks for her to deposit 40,000 dollars in a local bank. She runs away with the money. On her way, the rain falls and she gets off the highway. She is exhausted and she needs rest so she decides to spend a night at a Motel. She has light dinner there and then goes on to the room to take a shower…


I remember watching this movie when I was really young and it scared the hell out of me. This is supposed to be a real case of possession. Regan is living with her mother in Washington when she starts showing weird symptoms; strength and levitation. The medical science fails to provide an explanation and then a priest is consulted. He is convinced that Regan is possessed. They try to perform the exorcism but Regan dies in the process. The movie was extremely graphic for the time.


This is perhaps the most popular horror movies of all time. I know my interest in it grew exponentially when I saw an episode of FRIENDS mentioning it. Jack Torrance is the caretaker of a hotel in the mountains of Colorado. He takes his wife and son with him to the hotel to keep him company. His son starts seeing images that are powered by ‘the shining’. Jack is affected by this and because of this he suffers from a complete mental breakdown and everything goes wrong from there on then.