It is not possible for me to comprehend that there are guys out there who don’t have a thing for war movies, I mean they are absolutely fantastic and there is no way you don’t like them. I for one love them and watch them over and over again; well, most of them at least. They usually end up teaching us a little bit about ancient history, there’s loads of fighting and sometimes they sequences are just absolutely brilliant. There have been many movies on different wars around the world and while many were fictional, many were released with real life stories as well. In the past hundred years, many directors are now known because of such war movies and below is a list of ten that you will not regret watching, so get your players ready and rent them as soon as possible.


The first one on the list was directed by Oliver Stone and it came out in 1986. This movie looks at the emotional life of an entire platoon of the American soldiers. They patrol, fight and die in the jungles of Vietnam. The movie is from a perspective of a young recruit. This in an interesting perspective I can give you that and is beyond a shred of doubt a fantastic movie to watch on a weekend.


Stanley Kubrick was the director of this movie and it came out in 1987. The movie follows young men from their recruit in the Marine Corps to Vietnam. The movie is divided into two segments, the first of which sheds light on a few characters and how they progress at USMC boot-camp under Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. The second begins in Vietnam, where the same people are facing ambush, bobby traps and skilled snipers.


The movie came out in 1981 with Wolfgang Peterson as the director. The German submarine fleet is engaged in an epic battle called, ‘Battle of the Atlantic’. The year is 1942 and they are trying to destroy the English shipping. German U-Boats are taking heavy losses. Das Boot is the story of the crew of one of these boats; how they worked in pressure, trying to achieve the impossible and all of this while trying to understand why.


Jean-Pierre Melville was the director of this film and it came out in 1969. Philippe Gerbier is one of the chiefs of French Resistance. He is taken into a camp but he manages to escape. He joins his network in Marseilles. The movie sheds light on the solitude, fears, relationships, arrests of the French Resistants. It also discusses what they go through when they were ordered and they had to carry it out. They were referred to as the ‘Army in the Shadows’. The writer, co-writer and the director belonged to this army once.


This is an awesome movie by Director Roman Planski that came out in 2002. This is a true story about a pianist named Wladyslw Szpilman. The story dates back to 1930. The guy was one of the best in Poland. He is subject to anti-Jewish laws imposed by the Germans when the conquer Poland in WWII. His family is deported to a German concentration camp. Szpilman however is forced to work in the German Labor Compound. He decides to escape and the rest you will have to see for yourself.


The director David Lean came out with this movie in 1957. It deals with the British prisoners during the Second World War. They are ordered to build a bridge in order to accommodate a railway. They want to sabotage the bridge but they are persuaded to build it as a symbol of British morale and dignity. The bridge is built under the leadership of Colonel Nicholson. The movie reflects upon his collaboration with the enemies. It is an interesting movie in my opinion.


The movie is directed by Francis Ford Coppola and came out in 1979. Captain Willard is sent with top-secret orders to the jungle. The mission is to find and kill Colonel Kurtz. He had set up his own army in the jungle. Willard goes deeper into the forest and has to battle the ‘crazy’ that the jungle brings forth. His boat crew dies off one by one; they are succumbed to drugs. Willard starts to become more and more like Kurtz as he progresses with his orders.


This movie is about something true that happened in the First World War. The movie goes on to discuss the theory that soldiers are just pawn that are played by generals and serve the purpose of sick pleasure for these Generals. The generals play them as if they were playing a game of chess. The director was Stanley Kubrick and the movie came out in 1957. This movie views war in terms of power; meaning that whoever has the greatest power wins.


Thomas Edward Lawrence had been labeled a hero on many occasions and a sadist on other occasions. The story starts with Lawrence’s death. He’s in a motorbike accident at the age of 47 in London and then the flashbacks start. He is given many intelligence jobs for example, in 1916 in Cairo he has to investigate the progress of Arab uprising against the Turks in the first war. The story goes on to Edward Lawrence helping a British General in order to destroy the Ottoman Empire.


In Casablanca, Rick Blaine, is an exiled American freedom fighter. He runs a nightspot in town and it is quite famous. He comes across two valuable letters of transit. Nazi Major arrives in Casablanca and the police Captain Renault does whatever possible to please the Major. He captures the underground Czech leader called Vicor Laszlo. Laszlo is with Ilsa; she was Rick’s love. She ran out on him in Paris. He later learns that she had a good reason for doing so and they run off together using the letters he came across.