Friends has to be one of the most popular seasons on the TV to be every viewed. To date it has never happened that an episode from one of their seasons is on air and I miss it somehow. Never once, since the show has gone live, has the humour failed to make one laugh. No matter how many times you watch one episode you are bound to end up laughing at all those smart remarks specially those coming out of the hilarious sense of humor of Chandlers, and the stupid mistakes of Joey, the silliness of Phoebe, the over-obsessiveness of Monica, the loveliness of Rachel, and the hilarious nerdy comments/actions of our beloved Ross. In this list I bring to you some of the obvious mistakes in the episodes of Friends that might have skipped your notice. Enjoy the read.


This the same episode where Joey spots a girl in the apartment building that is right in front of the apartment building that Monica and Rachael live in. Ross also lives in the building that is across from their apartment. So all Joey can remember is that HOT GIRL lives in Ross’s building, he merely counts the levels of the building to her window (where she is waving to her because of his undying charm). Of course he does not count correctly and keeps ending up at the wrong door. This shot is from one of those scenes when he turns up at the wrong door yet again and hence the shocked expression. The shirt change was a bit dramatic but one does not notice it during the episode.


I am hoping that you all remember the episode where Monica wears that blonde wig and pads herself with fake boobs (which Chandler keeps hitting accidentally in the same episode) and works at a diner where she has to wear skates. The same episode where she meets the rich programmer guy and does not actually believe he is that rich? I am sure I have rung quite a few bells now so, in that same episode they show her falling down. The above picture is a shot from the episode where the mat to support her fall is very obvious. Again it is something you do no notice in the episode.


We all know that Joey is a huge admirer of food and is perhaps the only food lover in the whole of Friends. And due to this same reason he is often spotted stealing food from Monica’s place. Well in this particular shot, you see him holding a lot of drinks  that he needs for some party. In the very next shot when the camera returns to him, the drinks in his hands have completely changed.  I would like to say here that these mistakes would have been very evident had it been some other season, but this just goes with the flow when it is FRIENDS we are talking about.


Then there was this episode where Ross had a seminar of sorts and every one was supposed to get ready in time. It is one of those episodes that I would actually like to list as my personal favorite. Now what happens is that every one delays getting ready and Phoebe is actually the first person who shows up all dressed. Ross appreciates her for that but then due to some fight between Joey and Chandler over a chair, they drop humus onto her dress. It was this huge big mess but when the shot rotates, the stain seems to get smaller. I would like to proclaim this as the laughing-out-loud stage. We do not mind of course.


Remember that scene where Monica is all excited to open up the wedding gifts and she actually does that before Chandler gets home only because she was so impatient and she could not wait. Well a closer look made me see that there is one particular shot where she is holding an unwrapped box in her hand and when the shot returns to focus her, the bis is magically wrapped. Again one of those things that are not noticeable during the show so never mind.


The last season was one of the best of Friends. Specially the place where Monica and Chandler are about to have babies. Actually they were not aware that they were about to have twins, and when they find out Chandler actually freaks out. It was quite a funny scene. Well as can be seen in the picture, when the twins are finally out, you can see one picture in which Chandler has a hospital band and then in the other shot he does not. Smile, no problem!


So then there was this episode when Phoebe finds out where her dad lives and wants so badly to go and see him but cannot muster up the courage. She takes Joey and Rachel along with her for additional support and it turns out that she does not get to meet her dad but does run her car over his dog though. Hilarious expressions from the entire cast at that time. The dog initially jumps at their car and barks at them. In the picture above you can see the head of the person actually holding the dog high enough to reach the car!


Another one of my favourite episodes is the one where everyone literally forces Monica to make the thanksgiving diner and when she does, everyone gets late. So Chandler and Monica lock them out after which they all become the heads in the door and apologize. When they finally explode in, Joey falls all over the food and thus has food stains over his clothes which seems to be different in different shots as can be seen in the picture above.


OK now this is the episode where Ross is the spokes person at the huge event and they Charlie along with them to this huge vacation to Barbados. Right before they are destined to come back a shot shows the camera equipment all visible above the set! Again a mistake that needs a very observable eye!


This one makes it to number one just because it has little baby emma in it! So what happens is that when Rachel and Ross hire a baby sitter or what they call a Male Nanny for the baby they find out that he is actually very sissy. In this particular shot, he has made muppets for the kid which funnily exchange hands between shots! How cute is that and yes obviously I do not find that there is anything to mind in that. It is merely for informative purposes.