Many of us have seen vampire movies and quite a choice is available in hollywood too! But have you ever actually seen how normal girls look utterly gorgeous as vampires! The fangs and the darkness that looms around then just makes them more appealing. Just to show you what I mean exactly, I bring to you a list of some of the hottest female vampires seen in the history of Hollywood filmmaking! Devour your senses as you scroll down to one amazing beauty after another!


So the list starts with the beautiful Anne Parillaud in the lead role as the vampire in Innocent Blood. And trust me, if you haven’t seen her in the film, you really should (only if you like sexy vampires) you wouldn’t know that there is perhaps no vampire in the history of Hollywood to have appeared this are. She has no issues at all getting all dressed up in her birthday suit to lure her prey to the bed. She gets them all cozy and comfortable for a night of blood sucking fun! If you are a vampire admirer go for it. She looks incredibly hot!


Remember that pretty little lady that acted as the stripper wife to Micheal Scofield in PRISON BREAK! That little thing also played a vampire in Moonlight (the exact episode would be B.C). She played the character of Lola and looked amazingly hot! Something worth checking out and I am sure that a lot of people would love to be bitten by her! Nasty nasty!


A lot of people might object to the fact that I put her so up in the list when to some she should have come right on the top of this list, the number one that is. And I totally agree but this list is so full of hot vampire ladies that you won’t actually believe your eyes. So we have Kate, the woman who played the lethal vampire in the series of the UNDERWORLD movies. She looked oh so hot in that stretchy black out fit that she wore, and totally glamorous with the gun! And when we add the part where she actually gets it on in the back of a truck, it is indefinable! Let me just say that if you know what hot is and you haven’t seen her in that particular place, you don’t know what hot is!


Well do I have a hot one for you! Have you had the lucky chance to view Salma Hayek (yes I know she is hot otherwise as well and some of you might actually die listening to her husky voice that drips charm) in the movie called FROM DUCK TILL DAWN! If you want to see the most scintillating, the most exciting, the most engrossing strip teasing vampire on-screen, then watch it! I highly recommend because hot vampires cannot, I repeat, cannot get better than this! She is simmering, like literally!


OK so this one is a Ukrainian beauty that appeared as a vampire in the movie Paris Ja T’aime ( a french movie it was if you haven’ already guessed). We have all heard that Ukraine produces a lot of beauties and of course a lot of them can be seen in various fashion houses all over the world. Pardon me for being a little blunt about this whole issue but it really is true and Miss Olga is a living and breathing example of this. She was born in a small flat that she shared with her family and despite the low standard start, she seems to have done pretty well for herself. Apart from acting in this movie where she made a super hot vampire, she has also done a hoard of other shoots. We look forward to seeing more of her, even as a vampire because she was very seductive.


The girl played Erike in the UNDERWORLD series, UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION to be exact and yes no doubt that she looked breathtaking. For a movie that specialized in its erotic vampires and werewolf, it does not come as a surprise that she looked totally hot, obviously not as hot as the Kate but even then! The outfits that Erika or should we say Sophia wore, truly added to her grace as a vampire and she looked totally suited for the role. She is a pretty lady overall as well and the fangs added that much-needed dark factor to the over all effect and voila!


Now if you are an avid admirer of the vampire movies then you must surely have not missed the BLADE extravaganza. See what happens in Blade is that we have vampires, then we have vampires who are eating other vampires, and then we have the third lot that is supposed to stop some vampires from throwing bodies of dead vampires that they have attacked, all over the place! Pretty confusing no? Well I assure you that once you have glimpsed Leonor Varela in the movie (playing the role of Nyssa in BLADE II to be exact) all the confusion will simply vanish! She made one heck of a vampire, you can trust me on this!


Monica Belluci, who has graced the covers of many hot magazine simply because of her exotic looks, her devastatingly gorgeous features and her feminist appeal. Try coupling that with an image of her having fangs and unleashing that might over helpless prey, and there you have. It is like having a fantasy come true to see Monica playing Dracula’s wife in the film titled Dracula! Hold your breath people, because nothing can prepare you for what you shall see!


And finally we come to the best of the best, the utterly, truly, beseechingly, profoundly (add what ever word comes to your mind for the description of her beauty) gorgeous Milla! Mostly known and very famous for her roles in the RESIDENT EVIL series, she has played the vampirish Violet in the latest release Ultraviolet and man does she look ravishing. Dressed mostly in white, she is the image of a diva vampire (if there ever was one). The grace and the poise that she has depicted in this role of hers, was totally her own doing. If there ever was a vampire so truly elegant, it will be Violet! Nothing beats her.


Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for one of the most adorable, cute, and endearing vampire that ever walked planet hollywood, i present to you BELLA – the beautiful and lovely vampire from BREAKING DAWN part II. We have seen all kinds of vampires, the bad ones, the good ones, the cruel ones, the freaky ones, the ones who were right down naughty to those who were totally serious but this one choice beats them all. Some people might think that Kristen is not much of an actress but her role in the whole Twilight series left me enchanted and some what in love! And therefore she adorned the number one spot on this list of hot vampires (oh yes she is hot and if you have any doubts, kindly watch the beach scenes filmed in Isle Esme and you will be satisfied).