Before I start typing on this list I would like to confess and to clarify that this list is not based on the looks of the person in question or their over all rating in the world. So this means that if a person is the 3rd sexiest lady in the world that will not ensure her a position on my list (not that I am bragging that my list is holier than thou but then again). This list will only be based on how sexy the character portrayed was! The character in the movie that is, so what we are basically looking for is the hottest movie character that has ever been portrayed onscreen. And no I shall not include Jessica Rabbit in this simply because she is not a human character. So yes! Only human characters are applicable so let’smove on now.


I am sure you are not surprised to see her on number 10 because she has to be one of the sexiest imaginary persons alive. Even the video games that were later formed on the basis of this character were an instant hit and one of the most popular reasons were that the gamers can make the character shout out some stuff that was pretty non-professional for an archaeologist. When Angelina Jolie was cast in the same role, the short little shorts, the wetsuits, the skin-tight shirts, the artillery, it was a winning combination. Top it off with her blasting off giant zombie things that left her all wet and in demand. The movie was released in 2001 and the second part, The Cradle of Life was released in 2003. The hottest moment of the film was perhaps that one where she came gliding on a string with the hot outfit.Some might think that the shower scene was also very hot but to me that was pretty ordinary.


After the Black Swan, Natalie Portman got acclaimed for her out class performance as a psychotic ballet dancer. But if you see her playing out the role of Princess Amidala in The Star Wars trilogy, you will surely know why I have included her in this list. To mention it first, the hottest part was where Anakin and Obi Wan take on the big aliens and they are only wearing the torn and beat up skin hugging costume which looked totally awesome. Although the downfall of the character can be the fact that her husband turned out to be a loser and she died of a broken heart, but other than that she was a pretty hot addition to the movie what so ever!


Queen of Club Hell in the movie Matrix Reloaded and the Matrix Revolutions was played by the astonishingly hot Italian beauty Monica Bellucci. After hearing this little piece of information, no more should honestly be required but let me tell you this, she gives a whole new meaning to the word Software when she glides out in a white dress. The name,Persephone, in Greek mythology means, the Queen of the underworld, which leaves quite an impression on its own. Since we are talking about hotness let me tell you the hottest of all scene, when she made an appearance in the red fetish gown – which looked like it was previously owned by Jessica Rabbit – and looked drop dead gorgeous. If you were a wolf, you would be drooling.


The role of an assassin portrayed by Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill series was another one of the very hot roles that have ever been depicted on screen. Although the role called THE BRIDE is not suitable for those who have issues related to the heart and cannot handle the real stuff. The spine of steal exterior and the heart of warm wax interior that was depicted was enough to leave an impression on one’s mind. She looks like the goddess of love and ironically, that is the exact same role she played in her debut movie. Looks like the heavens conspired to make her this way for us, but who is complaining right? When she fought with nothing but a yellow tight dress and a super shinning sword, we were holding onto the edges of our seats.


We come to one of my very personal favorites, Elizabeth Swan, who joins up into a conspiracy with a pirate (jack sparrow that is for those of you without the knowhow) and ends up like a super hot damsel that is so-not-in-distress. She is as reckless, irrational, unreliable, and crack, as the pirates that she is surrounded with and that is what makes her appeal last longer. Of course the body hugging corsets and the fact that she gets wet more often than not also added to the hotness factor. She was the hottest as the pirate queen in the third installment of the series and we liked her so much which is why she beautifies the sixth number in my list. Yes, this means more pretty ones are bound to show up so please read on.


The newest addition to every guys dream and the latest addition to the wall poster collection is the lady portrayed as Lisbeth Slander in the movie THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE AND THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS’ NEST. And I am sure without an inch of doubt that one of the hottest scene will be the one where she seduces a surprised Mikael Blomk vist in Dragon Tattoo which was a complete no-nonsense scene, portraying exactly what needed to be portrayed and not an inch extra! The only draw back in her particular hotness might be that she lacks a few curves and feminism but she makes up for that lack by being the independent super chick with a ferocious attitude which kills! All in all, she deserved to be on the fifth number on this list and honestly speaking, the body art, the motorbikes, the iciness combined with the risky side of her satisfies so much of what most of us want!


OK one more lady that would have been on the number one position on this list had it not been for sexier ladies. She played the Crime Novelist in the highly successful film Basic Instinct. It goes without saying that the hottest moment was the famous leg-crossing incident.


She played a night club chanteuse in the movie THE MASK and Cameron Diaz did awesome well. The hottest scene was when she walked into the bank where Stanley works wearing a red dress that could not have been tighter!The urge to immediately turn into a wolf and start drooling on the table is so strong!


If we have a list of the sexiest ladies, or the sexiest actresses, or the most astonishing looks, or the hottest photo shoot or even the hottest on-screen character ever portrayed on the screen, Scarlett Johansson will be a part of that list. And if it weren’t for Marilyn Monroe,she would have been the number one actress on this list. She plays a Spy in the films IRON MAN 2 and THE AVENGERS and couples beauty with brains in a matter that is heart melting. The hottest moment for her would be appearing clad in a complete business suit, she walks into Tony Stark’s office and immediately captures her eye. I admired her when she got all foxy sweet and listened to “Thatis a nice cat suit, it would look good on the floor”, a comment that has to be the ideal chat line for a woman like her.


She played the Night Club chanteuse in the movie SOME LIKE IT HOT and she is Marilyn Monroe. Would anyone else need any more details than this. She is one astounding beauty who takes your breath away no matter whether she is complete drunk and is throwing herself around or whether she is on a fully smitten sexy kitten mode, the innocence mixed with the naughtiness create a cocktail of never-ending irresistibility.The cutest part about her role that I found really sweet was that she kept having her heart-broken but that did not stop her from falling head over heels in love once again! Like a true lady I must say!