All of us grew up reading those beautiful fairy tales and then later watching cartoons based on these fairy tales presented to us by Disney. They seemed liked fairy tales back then but today I bring to you a much mature version of these tales, a version that will have you ogling at the screen for hours at a time. Well what I am actually going to do is ruin your childhood memories of the princess and heroines in these tales and show them in a light that is much more adult! So beware people because what you are about to see down below might tarnish your childhood memories forever. Do not say you weren’t warned!


Please gaze at the picture above and try to recall a tale about a lovely little lady who was trapped within a flower because of her small size. Now what you actually read was the story of an innocent and pure little girl. I am sure what you see in the picture above us way beyond innocence and thus I present to you the fantasized version of Thumbelina for people who have a certain liking towards small-sized ladies. If you have seen the movie “I hope they serve beer in hell” you might have a pretty good idea regarding what I am referring too if you know what I mean that is!


The princess and the frog is another very famous tale where the concept is that the princess has to let go of her ego and actually fall in love with a frog who later turns into a prince. Well looking at the picture I am sure most of you would be thinking that there is one lucky frog! Kudos to the artist for this amazing ride into our fantasies!


We also all remember Peterpan and his friends right? WE remember little Tinkerbell (who by the way was also part of this naughty little list initially but then I had mercy on her and on her any little followers and just expelled her). Then there was this particular girl names Wendy who was Peterpan’s love interest. It seems that she all grown up now and I must say, what an outfit for a night out in the air, isn’t it?


This particular view of the sleeping beauty ought to have been censored and banned for all that it is worth. Will you look at the way she has turned out to be, our very own little beauty whose innocence got her in the whole apple mess! The old hag might die of jealousy once she see’s her all sexed up. Pardon my language for this article please, you might find it a little over the top but hell! Would you look at the girls I have here!


Devour your senses with the sight of the Little (seriously?) Red Riding Hood. Isn’t that an image to behold? She sure does not look all frightened and scared in this picture. Again, bows to the artist for showing us the image of her that would never have crossed our minds (well then of course it did cross some minds and thus this image above, a realistic view of some lurid dreams). That sure is one hot little red riding hood we have here! Are your memories tarnished yet?


That is a pretty adult image of Alice in Wonderland, a girl who accidentally disappears into the world unknown only to find a bunch of funny little friends along the way. I must admit that the recent remake of this cartoon into a film would have been pretty amazing, what with the likes of Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway and that bushy little lady in the lead role. But sadly, the role of Alice could have been so much better. I did not think that the girl selected for that part actually suited the part! My apologies to the producers, but I would have much rather cast this young lady in the picture above. She would have made quite the pair with Johnny Depp too you know! Just a suggestion, moving on!


And now we come to the little girl in rags who is forced to scrub the floors and tend to the household chores after the demise of her loving father. The step mother turns nasty on the poor little soul and treats her very harshly. Then one night she gets he chance to go out to a ball and change her life forever. Well looking at the picture above it seems as if she took it to heart to change and change a complete three hundred and sixty degrees. My, my, that is one scintillating outfit she has on here. Sure she looks ravishing and all but I am dead sure that this is not the outfit the tiny little rats and the pretty fury birds had designed for her, no sir! I highly doubt it!


Then we had Aladdin! And with Aladdin came Princess Jasmine. She was already depicted quite beautifully what with the olive skin color and the arabic dressing, and all the singing and dancing. But here we have an image that fascinates the mind to no end! Princess Jasmine in her most seductive outfit ever! Aladdin might actually have a heart attack and we are sure this get up will take care of the guards now won’t it?


Rapunzel, the maid with the hair of gold so long that it reached the bottom of the tower. Looking at the picture above it seems she was all ready to call the prince up to her room! Pardon the frankness people but look at her! Isn’t she ravishing?


This brings us to the last master piece that was specifically reserved for the first spot on the list. The Little Mermaid and her under water assets, if you know what I mean again! For her I would only like to say ‘You are you, I’m Me, Together WE can Live in Harmony’. She is one heck of a mermaid and for that we thank the artist from the deepest cores of our hearts!