I seriously hope that you guys are big movie fans because this articles concerns movies. Every once in a while there comes a movie that has many controversies following it. These controversies sometimes lead the films to be banned in many countries and even globally at times. Most of the controversies end with time but there are some films and movies that are not lucky enough. This article discusses ten different movies (not very old) that were surrounded by such controversies) and they still are. I hope you have seen these movies and I hope you agree with the point of view as well. Be sure to tell us whether you agree with it or not and if there’s anything we might have missed out.


A beautiful young girl is looking for an apartment when she meets this guy from America who is mourning the death of his wife. They are drawn to each other instantly. They do not reveal their names to each other however they have a passionate affair. The obscenity in the movie landed the Italian director in court. The critics and audiences had divided views about this one. Where on one hand the depiction of loveless carnality horrified many, there were people at one hand who absolutely adored the movie too. Oh well, guess you guys are going to have to watch it for yourself and be the judge.


The movie is all about the misadventures of Mickey and Mallory. They are lovers and serial killers and outcasts too. The film gave birth to many copycat killers who operated in the same fashion, perhaps for their few minutes of same. Some people even used the dialogues from the movie. This particular movie is linked with 12 real life murders in the United States and other countries. There was a family who even tried to sue Stone and Warner Brothers because someone in their family fell victim to these crimes. The couple in the media became folk heroes so maybe people were thinking something along the same lines. Too bad for them I’d say.


This movie became the KKK recruiting tool. Many wanted the movie to be censored and many protests were held against this particular movie. This happened when the movie was added to the National Film Registry in 1993. In those times NAACP was emerging and this movie triggered them to protest nationwide. The movie displayed the Ku Klux Klan as heroic saviors where the African Americans were portrayed as childlike, conniving, or rabid sex fiends. Civil War, Lincoln’s assassination and the Ku Klux Klan are all touched in the movie.


The religious groups were certainly furious regarding the release and they started threatening with boycotts weeks before the official release of the movie. One group went as far as offering ‘Universal’ around 6.5 million dollars for destroying the movie. Of course that didn’t happen as you all must know. Many theaters however, refused to carry the movie. What you must know is that the French also rioted in retaliation to this particular movie.

6. JFK

This particular movie shows the actions of a District Attorney of New Orleans. His name is Jim Garrison. He takes it upon himself to investigate the assassination of the former President of the USA, John F. Kennedy in 1963. Of course the official story provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation was not good enough for the District Attorney. This movie was responsible for a 1992 congressional act to release classified documents. These documents however, revealed nothing.


This movie is said to have struck a blow to the First Amendment Rights. There were many conservative leaders who got this movie banned in many places. Reems was put on trial because of the obscenity in the movie. The movie nevertheless, ran in all its glory in many other places. Later however, Lovelace denounced the film. He claimed that he had a gun to his head while he was filming. Well, that’s certainly interesting.


This particular movie lit a fire in the right-wing America. People went crazy and the movie caused many riots, protests and hate campaigns (all for the purpose of banning this movie). The movie turns to the former president G.W. Bush and his ‘War on Terror’ agenda. The movie is highly political and those interested should really give it a watch. It talks about some major points during Bush’s regime and he is blamed for a lot of things as well.


This film was released in 1975 and it caused outrage all across the globe. This film proved to be a hot potato for the film certification board as well. The uncut version of this film was screened in the United Kingdom in the year 1977. The cinema was raided by the police. If you do not know about this movie, be informed that the movie contains a lot of nudity (men and women). The movie was thereafter shown as a ‘cut’ version until six years ago.


This movie was rated X and was deemed as a pornographic movie all across the United States of America. This however, was nothing compared to how it was received in the United Kingdom. The movie caused social uproar and many gangs arose following the movie. Many crimes were committed in the same fashion as they were in the movie as well. The movie was unavailable thereafter and it was only in 2000 that the movie was made available again; one year after Kubrick’s death.


The intention of this movie was to produce a depiction Christ’s suffering which he had to go through on behalf of mankind but somehow the movie triggered a culture-war; an unparalleled one at that ever in Hollywood. Many months before the release of the movie, it was denounced and defended even when there were reports that the film was totally brutal however it did not matter to Gibson. The movie was compromised by an anti-Semitic sentiment as well.

We have discussed the controversies in little detail assuming that you guys have already seen the movies. Hope you enjoyed the read.