Remember how we are always celebrating the fact that celebrities get all the perks while they are in their careers and like that is the life to have, they have it all blah blah. Well do I have a news flash for you people. As it turns out, celebrities don’t only have it all while they are working, their families have it all after they die even, in the literal sense of the phrase. See what happens is that there are some major die-hard fans of these celebrities out there who are willing to pay every dime they have just to own a piece of (and some gross ones will pay for parts as well) their favorite star. I have compiled for you a list of such celebrity auctions which were massively paid for. No wonder they insure their butts and what not, they can auction them when and if they go broke. That ought to be a living on its own.


When ever you hear about Mark you know that something good is about to happen. As far as his at-bats-per-home-run ratio is concerned one knows that he is the best coming second only to Babe Ruth where both of them have the ratio of 10.61 and 11.80 respectively. He is one player regarding whom history had decided that he would be playing for Major League Baseball. He biggest breakthrough was defeating Chicago Cubs’ Sammy Sosa, in 1998, when he scored the most home runs in a single season of the game. The baseball that helped him was bought by Todd McFarlane (a comic book writer and music producer career wise) for a whooping $3 million. The ball was sold in 1999.


I guess when it comes to celebrities and the craze that fans all over the world have for them has no limit. Nothing is ever too gross or too cheap or too utterly expensive or too outlandish in short nothing is EVER and by that we do mean EVER weird as far as fans go. Take this for example, Andy Warhol in the 60′s started using a wig for pretty obvious reasons. That is not the unbelievable thing, a lot of people wear wigs, it is a very useful accessory especially if you are going bald, but the fact that it sold, in the year 2006, for a whooping amount of $10,600, most certainly is. It came all prepped up with the three strips of tape that he originally used to stick it onto his royal baldness (no pun intended)! Ok moving on!


Buddy Holly is a well-known musician who passed away in 1959. So many years later his wife, who goes by the name of Maria Elena Holly, sold the musician’s signature glasses to a non-profit organization for $80,000. Considering the fact that the glasses might have had an emotional bearing on his wife, it was a bold step and with the money in hand, we should say totally worth it. The company sent the glasses to the dead singers home town in Lubbock, TX specifically donated to the Buddy Holly Center.


“The Maltese falcon” was the prop that the whole film of Humphrey Bogart was based upon. The film that launched in 1941 by the same name was based on mystery where Humphrey played a detective. It is amazing to know that the prop, “The Falcon” to be exact was sold for a massive $389,500. Shall we say then, that the mystery is resolved.


There are so many celebrities running around bargaining for their autographs but the man who bought HAMLET and ROMEO & JULIET is known to have only a total of six signatures in existence. Well that is quite something we must say, so much for exclusivity, and exclusivity is what the price is for because the signatures a touted to be within a hefty range of $3,000,000 to $5,000,000.


Keith Moon used a drum set that was made exclusively for him, and for something that is to be constantly beaten upon it comes as a surprise that in 2004 the drum set auctioned for $252,487. Well, well, well! As long as they are willing to help the needy and donate to charity we have absolutely no issue.


In the original movie “The Dukes of Hazzards”, the role of Bo Duke was played by John Schneider and his success could be measured by the fact that when he eventually decided to sell his own 1969 Dodge charger it got of his hands through for a whooping $9,900,500.


Why does the fact that David Elkouby paid $666,000 for a pair of Ruby shoes that Dorothy Gale used to return back to home in the movie The Wizard of Oz, come as a shock? That is a pretty hefty price to pay for a pair of red pumps specially when the buyer in question is a male. I always wonder, what kind of satisfaction must he have felt after being the proud owner of the said shoes. I also wonder, does he perhaps wear them in his own living space and act like Dorothy too. Well with a fan-ship as deep as this one, the mind does raise questions!


$115,000, sold in 2002, We all know that Elvis is known for his hair. We all also know that the famous Elvis Presley is also known for his swinging hips. But what most of us may not know is that he was also quite famous for his lock of hair. If this is a shock than wait till you hear that a strand of hair from the famous pop singers bobbing head when sold accumulated more than the combined auction of the strands of John Lennon, John F. Kennedy, and Beethoven (costing up to $48,000, $3000, and $7,300 respectively). This selling of strands of hair has become quite the trend recently and the company MastroNet Inc, the Oak Brook, Ill., has made quite a lot of gold selling hair belonging to dead (in the case of Mickey mantle where they made $6,900) or alive (like the case of Neil Armstrong where they made $3000) celebrities. Joining the band wagon of this trend are retired government officials as well for example a former employee of the CIA sold Che Guevara’s hair for $119,500 which by the way, also included finger prints and death photographs.


This falls at the number one spot simply for the reason that this dress is totally priceless (although it was auctioned at an actual price but oh well). Remember when Marilyn sung for the President-John F. Kennedy to be exact (yes the same guy whose strand of hair sold for $3000) – when she appeared as this sparkly white diva and sung “Happy Birthday Mr President”. Well this is the dress that she was wearing which originally cost  $12, 000 and was auctioned for a heart stopping $1, 267, 500. Talk about the perks of being famous!