A few strangers on a flight called Oceanic 815 are headed towards Los Angeles from Syndey when suddenly a mysterious magnetic field attracts their plane out of the sky and onto an island whose parameters are unknown and impossible to find on any map. The little island however has tenants of its own for example a french woman who has been on the island for sixteen years prior to the landing of the castaways. Several events that have occurred before the crash and several that occur afterwards drive the entire crowd into a swaying frenzy of a seemingly never-ending mythology which became known as the famous ‘Lost’. The characters need to adjust to their new found home and learn to live together, get along with each other and carry on. That is what happens in the first season and from there onwards it is a whole journey. This article lists down some characters from the series who had the most ironic deaths on the show. Now whether it was intentional or not that remains to be seen!


The character of Sayid is a retired member of the Republican Guard. This if translated means that he was once an enemy to all of the passengers on the flight. Though he claims that he was in communications, he is known to have tortured people for information. What he does, he does good and he hates his own guts. Also, the fact that he says he is communications is some part of the whole equation. The irony about his death is that he blasts himself with C4, exactly four years after dissuading a friend of his from making the same mistake. Furthermore, he dies as soon as he is healed from his infection. Also, before he kills himself with a bomb, he was falsely accused of being a suicide bomber.


Unlike some of the other characters who kill only for the revenge of their families, these two characters are down right con artists. Nicki traps a wealthy mughal and gets her boyfriend to be hired as the chef. They successfully plot to poison him and then they run off with the money. Eventually as with all con artists, they lie to each other and that too for gems that have no value on this God forsaken island. The irony of their death on the show is that they get poisoned soon after Nicki jokingly comments that they should not poison themselves!


Dawson plays another key role in the series. The irony of his death being the fact that he tries to commit suicide twice but fails. A bomb refuses to detonate when he is ready to accept death but when he is dearly wishing to live, the bomb explodes taking his life with it! The irony of it!


Jack Shephard, who is actually a beyond-brilliant spinal surgeon, has a lot of dark secrets that he is hiding. He simply refuses to delve them out into the open but the island makes him face them eventually. The character has a lot of tattoos signifying a rebellious under current to his other wise high end profile as a successful surgeon. The irony of his death was the fact that he died in the same place that he landed on when the plane had crashed. He crawled to that spot and closed his eyes the same way he had crawled to the spot and opened his eyes when the show had started.


Christian Shephard is Jacks father and is also an excellent surgeon. The stupid irony of his death is that fact that he is once found joking that the Australians believe that the Americans cannot handle their liquor and that is exactly when he dies of a heart attack which has been induced by alcohol.


There are two things that make her death ironic, one is the fact that she dies because of temporal displacement just moments before the time flashes stop and secondly, the fact that she dies as soon as she reaches the island, the same island that she had spent the good part of her life looking for.


He plays the step sibling to Shannon and to say that they have a strained relationship is to actually only graze the surface of what actually exists between them. The pair could have had a strong loving family relationship but they had no genetic ties what so ever. There are three things to look into: he dies as soon as Aaron is born, Locke jokes that the captain in Star Trek is piss poor because he let his team die, and Boone dies because of a leadership failure on Johns end, Boone jokes with Locke that red shirts in the star trek always die, and that’s when he himself dies.


The following facts make her death in the episode Two for the Road, very ironic. She once killed a man for killing her unborn child and later she is killed by a man who is trying to save his own child. Ben strangles her but she survives only to be shot by Micheal later in the same episode. Micheal tells her that he is the best thing that ever happened to her, right before he kills her.


She starred in the episode titled ” The Shape of Things to Come” in which she ironically dies when Ben sends her to the temple for her protections sake. The temple is what kills her.


Charlies plays the drug-addicted rock star of a band called Driveshaft. Locke helps him in attaining salvation and a relief from his addiction. He gave everything up for Claire and her baby for whom he feels very deeply and truly. He is also the one character who has by far eluded the maximum number of deaths. The irony of his eventual death is the fact that his brother predicts that he will live beyond thirty when in actual he dies at the age of 25 and secondly he dies only minutes after declaring proudly that he has cheated his unforeseen death.