Remember how we discuss how much a certain actor or actress is earning? And how we get mesmerized over a young actor earning so much from their debut album, or debut song, or debut film? Well this list has been assembled just to make all the young ones (and even elders who aren’t earning as much) go green with jealousy over the fact that how much these young stars have earned. I did not really mean that because I am certainly not that rude but yes you might feel a certain level of envy after reading this article because for being tiny little people under twenty, they sure have earned a hefty amount for themselves! 


Do you guys remember Dakota Fanning who played Jane in the famous TWILIGHT series? Well it appears that she also has a sister. And all the while that I watched SUPER 8, i kept wondering where have i seen this girl! It is only when I read her name that I realized who she must be. Yes, she was Elle Fanning, Dakota’s younger sister. She has the enticing gorgeous looks of her elder sister and she has quite a number of magazine shoots to her name to date. For being as talented as she is, she collected a whooping $1.8 million for her Steven Spielberg film SUPER 8. She did good as an actress in that film, I was personally very impressed.


Die with envy girls because this little rock star claimed a whooping total of $4 Million just with one hit single called “Whip my Hair”! Talk about being lucky, She is the daughter to the famous Will Smith and daddy cool is, I’m sure, might proud of his little rock star! We are looking forward to more cool songs from the rocker-chicklet! (my form of the word Chick for this little one)


And now the leading lady her self, Elle Fanning’s elder and hotter version, also known as JANE for her well-acted role in the TWILIGHT series, clocked an amount of $4 million. The cash was only from the BREAKING DAWN part of it! These sisters are rolling around in money from the looks of it and why not, they are super talented, they have what it takes in the brainy department as well as the physical department, so why not? They have a few shots together which you might want to check out if you are as big a fan as some others.


Well apparently the whole family is out for the big game! Jaden Smith is Willow Smith’s older brother and son to Mr Will Smith. Not that is one hot family ain’t it? This young kid made $5 million from his role in THE KARATE KID! Well kudos to him and we are sure the family will come up with more money-making ventures in the future!


The lady who is touted to be the next generation Jennifer Lopez, already has around $5.5 million under her belt. And that is saying something! She is going out with Justine Bieber at the moment and he is another one of the lucky rich boys on this list so you can well imagine that the duo is raking in dollars for their various hits and roles! Aren’t they lucky!


Angus T. Jones is known for the famous show called Two and A Half Men’s. I thinking he should be thanking the lord for this particular show because it is this show through which he earned round about $7.8 million. Now that is a huge sum for such a small star. This roughly estimates to about $300 K per episode! Wow-ish! He must be glad that the show did so well!


Now comes the hot werewolf who has been known to get quite hot, simmering, and romantic if you know what I mean. Well the hot hunk who is touted to be going out with the lovely Taylor Swift, earned a hefty amount of $8.5 million from the Twilight series alone. Much more impressive is the fact that due to the fame received ala Twilight, Mr Lautner was paid another grand amount of $7.5 million for the flick called ABDUCTION which is going to be another action packed movie where Taylor can show is muscle and impress his lady friends. Way to go man!


We have all heard about the Jonas Brothers right? Well get this! Nick Jonas earned around $12.5M. And when I actually think about it, I do not even recollect the brothers releasing any music lately and if my recollection is accurate then the earnings are a pirates loot! That is one massive feedback!


So I recently read a post that said that she has been really obsessive about her gym routine these days because of her boyfriend’s recent fame. She is afraid that if she does not follow-up and look good enough, another woman might woe him! That is sad! Should not be feeling low simply because she is earning like $48 million and is touring around the world. If some guy is crazy enough to lose a woman like this, then might not deserve her! She should be taken seriously – NO?


And finally ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for none other than our very own Justine Bieber (and please try to put aside the thought that Kurt Cobain killed himself a month after Justin was born, for a while at least). With world-wide tours, books, music making and what not, this little kid earned $53 million is hard cash! And that is saying something, so all things a part, for this only, he deserves a round of applause. And I intend absolutely no pun!