How many people or bands can you think of if I ask you about the best music bands or best singers of all time? I for one, off the top of my head, could come up with only two namely; Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Even if you are not into music, you would at least know these two artists. They were brilliant. But that’s not all. The world isn’t that small you know. There are other people, singers and artists that were huge. I am music enthusiast and I only recently got to know about them. Frankly, it was very embarrassing when people asked me whether I had heard them and I said no. So take my advice, read through the following list and know the best of the best in the world of music.


Julio Iglesias makes it to the number ten position with 250,000,000 album sales. There are many other artists who claim to have sold these many albums but there wasn’t sufficient proof so we decided to honor Julio Iglesias with the number 10 position. It’s not the position that matters, it’s the number of album sales and it certainly is one big achievement. He used to be a goal keeper for Real Madrid but because of a car accident, he couldn’t play for long enough time. He was later very successful with his music career selling around 77 albums and doing about 5000 concerts.


Tino Rossi was a very successful musician and an actor from the year 1929 to 1982. He had a very vintage ‘Latin Lover’ touch to him and that was what defined him. That was also one of the bigger reasons why he was able to do so well in the music industry. Another one of the bigger reasons was obviously his voice. He appeared in around 25 different films and produced several hundred records. He was able to sell 300,000,000 albums.


This band was formed in 1970. Queen too was able to sell around 300,000,000 albums. They had 15 studio albums and another five live albums under their belt. This was one band that was regarded as one of the best when it came to live singing. They very critically acclaimed world over.


She started her music career in 1958. She was Greek-born and her trademark was the square-ish black glasses that she wore. Her voice was very emotional and unique and it suited perfectly with the personality she had built. She recorded many different albums in quite a few languages and was able to sell around 300 million albums worldwide.


The band was formed in 1968 and they were able to sell 300 million albums worldwide as well. All of these bands and singers who sold roughly around 300 million albums are interchangeable. This band is considered as one of the first in the heavy metal genre and interesting though it is, they never released any of their songs in Britain as singles. This band is very inspirational for the younger generation of metal lovers and that included me at one time.


Abba was a band that consisted of four members and they were able to sell 370 million albums worldwide. Believe me when I say that I have never heard even a single song from these guys but apparently they were quite popular back in the day and maybe even still. This band spent 10 years together, touring the world and blessing it with their music.


If you consider this list of best-selling music artists, Frank Sinatra is probably the one with the longest music career. He began in the 1930s and was still performing a few years before his death. He died in 1998. One interesting fact about him is that he was also an Oscar-winning actor. In his approximate career of seven decades (that’s saying something) he was able to sell 500 million albums worldwide. There hasn’t been a voice like his ever since. His most popular song is ‘Come fly with me to New York, New York’.


There is not a person in the world who doesn’t know his name. during his life he had to go through a lot of scandals and a lot of health related issues but whatever the case may be, he was one hell of singer, the ‘King’ of Pop. He started singing at an age of seven with his brothers and sisters. Back then they were called The Jackson Five. Later Michael went solo and was able to release around 11 different albums and each one of them was an absolute and complete hit. He was able to sell 750 million records worldwide. I think that he died at a very young age and I will always regret not being able to make it to one of his concerts.


The Beatles spend eight years creating music and recording albums together and in these eight years they too were able to sell 750 million records worldwide. People still buy their music and keep it in their collection. They recorded a total of 12 albums. It’s a pity they broke up otherwise the world would have seen more wonders from them. The work has been re-mastered over and over again and is available for download on iTunes.


He is the original ‘King’ of Rock ‘n Roll. Oh what a beautiful voice he had and such a unique way of doing a concert. He recorded a total of 77 different albums between 1954 and 1977. All of his recorded albums reached the top except only nine. There have been a lot of releases of his mastered albums after his death. One of his songs that I will always remember is ‘Can’t help falling in love with you’. Believe it or not I even have it on right now. During his career he was able to sell 1000 million albums worldwide and he deserved it.

Let us know in the comments if we missed anything and which of these is an all-time favorite for you. Oh and please mention the names apart from Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson because those are the obvious ones.