I am pretty damn sure that even for those of you who are not addicted to watching seasons, this will be a pretty awesome experience and yes, no matter how cheesy this sounds, I am stating this out of experience as well. I was given the downloaded episodes of this particular season (the episode were in HD quality to escalate my experience) by a close friend and I was told to, actually forced to watch these. And I was told that if I think seasons are boring, then I should just watch the first episode and decide whether you want to continue watching it or not! I started watching it and trust me, I was completely hung onto it! It was just that thrilling. And although I am done watching the whole thing, I whole heartedly wish the time would come back when every upcoming episode was a complete surprise. As with other shows that I normally watch on the television, this one had a lot to teach me, it made me reinforce some of my personal beliefs; it had me learning a few new things, and this master piece of a production taught me things about life that I did not, or perhaps I knew them but did not actually think of them! As enlightened and refreshed as I felt after watching this thrilling drama, I felt this need to share some stuff with you guys, those who have watched it and those who haven’t (highly recommended by the way).

Just to brief you, it revolves around the story of two brothers. One who ends up in jail because of a crime he had not committed (the elder brother called Lincoln burrows) and the other one who is a civil engineer who tries to break him out of the prison (the younger brother called Micheal Scofield) who is also the main lead of the whole series.


The best lesson of the whole series was that you just need to keep going on. You know how they say it, if plan A fails, move to plan B, if that fails move to plan C and so on and so forth till the next letter of the alphabet till you have exhausted it all and do not even stop then. The series tells you that you need to keep moving on no matter what because life is not going to stop, so if you need to move ahead, you need to move on (I am not exactly sure if this is even making sense to most of you but you need to see the season to completely understand it)!


There are always parts of life where you feel that you just need to get out, but remember, what I learnt from the show is that if you have your eyes set on a goal, if you are determined to achieve something than there are things that you will need to do. All the experiences in the life of someone who himself or herself  is moving towards something, are worth a million bucks, every single moment counts and is eventually a part of the puzzle called life. Even something or some experience that you dread, will come back and help you at being a better person if nothing else! If I explain exactly which part of the series made me realize this, I would be giving away too much to those who still haven’t watched it, so this is as much as I can say for now!


A leader is the one who has envisioned the future and has spent time planning it all out; a leader has the ability to energize his team towards that particular goal; a leader enables his team with the proper set of tools and the parts of the plan that they need to follow up with; a leader engages the team altogether, forms a relationship with them, based on which a lot of the plan eventually pans out; and finally a leader depicts excellence, he does not only command but demonstrates what needs to be done! In short, the one who spends the most time in thinking what needs to be achieved and how it needs to be achieved is the final winner! Michael is the leader for this particular season.


It is a very common phrase that what normally binds people together is the common quest for success. In the show, a lot of people end up being a part of Michaels plan and the only reason that they join is that they have a need. The show taught me that if you want to have anyone on your team, offer them something that they cannot resist, something that they need, and you are bound to have who ever it is that you want! In most of the corporate organizations, some plans fail to entice the employees simply because they sense that there is nothing in it for them. Sooner or later, everyone does have a need and if something or someone is catering to that need, they will sure as hell stick to that something or someone!


There are some people in this world for which there is no such thing as an impossibility. When they set out to do something, they do not think “It is impossible”! What they think is “It is not possible YET” and why shouldn’t we give it a try. This is one of the biggest lessons that were taught by the show, that no matter how bleak the scenario is, there is no such thing as impossibility.

This happens in the show as well (well at this point I think it is very apparent that this article will contain a lot of spoilers, well maybe not a lot but still, quite a few). When Lincoln meets Michael in the prison and Mike tells him that he is going to break him out of the prison, Lincoln tells him that it is impossible to which Michael responds “Not when you are the designer of the prison”. What he actually means is that he has gone over the blue prints with extreme care and concentration. Moreover, he has the whole map etched onto his skin via a tattoo. He has the master plan in his mind and he will break him out of there, the only thing is that everything is timed to perfection and must execute accordingly! He shows that there is no such thing as a no way, it is always “no way yet”!


There is a point in the whole show where Michael lashes out at his big brother right before his conviction, that he has completely ruined his life. As per Michael, Lincoln has an equal share out of their mom’s investment and while Michael spent it to make his life better, to get a good education, Lincoln spent it all on God knows what and has now ended up like this. During all of this lashing out, Lincoln remains silent and in the end he just responds by saying, “Things are not always as they seem”.

He says this particular line because, in actual, their mom had left them no insurance cover and all that payment for Michaels education and to ensure he went to the best possible places and for that he borrowed the entire sum of money which later lands him into a lot of trouble.

This teaches us that we should never look at only the apparent view of things and when situations are concerning our loved ones. One should almost always try to look for a hidden meaning if things do not seem to be right. For example, if you significant other is acting weird all of a sudden, do not jump to the conclusion that he or she might be into something else, rather try to look for a reason to that behavior. The same goes with everything, the crux of the matter being that we should not judge someone for something apparent and actually put some thought into all of our decisions and even before we say stuff to someone!


Since I was have already watched the whole season, I would like to tell you that there is this one particular part where due to standing up to some goons in the prison, Michael gets a serious beating and gets two of his toes cut off. When he goes to the infirmary, there a nurse asks him whether he has no fears of being in this prison. Michael merely responds by a head nod in the negative and then he shares a story where he tells the nurse how he used to fear monsters in the closet and then his brother rid him of this fear. He told the nurse that his brother told him that fear is only made up of molecules and that when you confront it, it will disappear!

This particular fact is true for everyday life as well, because for all those fears that you think you have, imagine them as molecules and confront them, come face to face with them and they shall fade away. Even if it is people that you fear, remember that in the end, they are nothing but mere human beings who would eventually bite the dust, so why worry! Take the world head on, is what I learned from Michael and it did me a lot of good in my life!