Folks, I bet you remember you childhood and most importantly your childhood toys. Unfortunately, those days are gone and the children of today have different and very advanced toys these days; an iPod for instance. Anyway, this particular list talks about the amazing classic toys that we grew up playing with. Hopefully, it will bring back a lot of awesome memories and maybe a few bad ones too. You should be able to agree with this lost, if not as a whole, with most of it at least. I personally, have owned all of these toys at one point. This happened to be one of the most nostalgic articles for me. Enjoy the read.


Lincoln Logs were invented somewhere between 1916 and 1917. I think it is safe to assume that every person at one time must have owned a cardboard tube that was full of timber. Well, Lincoln Logs are supposed to teach youngsters how to build. Apparently, the toy also helps with eye-hand coordination. Evidently, this particular toy does wonders for early childhood development. Interestingly, most of these toys have to do with creativity. Hard to argue with that since creativity pretty much serves in all aspects of life.


A Slinky was invented in 1943, thanks to a certain Richard James. He was a native from Philadelphia and he was bored. He used to work in a fabrication plant. One day he noticed a cut-off from some machine. It was coiled up. I wonder what he thought when the object intrigued him. Is it fun? Is it dangerous? Well, he took that coiled thing home and watched it wriggle its way down the stairs; must have been fun. The rest is history.


Building blocks were invented in 1798. It were building blocks that led to the development of LEGO by the way. These are one of the best practical methods to help with mental growth in children. Of course, a lot of other and more efficient ways have been developed now. Back in those times, these toys were one of the main reasons that children from a very early age would incline towards architecture as their profession or general interest. I do not remember playing with building blocks; however, LEGO is a separate story.


These supplies were invented in 1903. The date I have mentioned is for crayons by the way. Crayons seemed to have made their way to the shelves long before markers did. I know what you are thinking, what about the ancient cave drawings? Well, I am pretty sure that children from those times were not involved in carving out naked people hunting and killing on the stone walls. Well, I hope not.


I am not sure about the date but according to Wikipedia the first time ever the word ‘ball’ was used was back in 1205. It has come a long way from there and unfortunately that particular word has a lot of associations with it now. Anyway, you can see children playing with miniature footballs, basketballs and other sports stuff. I remember when I had a really small billiard table. I really couldn’t play it, but the sticks were fun for sword play, and balls were fun for throwing at my family.


Toy guns have been around for a really long time. I was not able to put my finger down on any specific date but that really doesn’t matter. What matters is that it all started from very lame weapons. Of course it was fun for us when we used to shoot at our friends or siblings or family. Now, however, replicas of actual weapons are available and they are so super cool. We have companies like AirSoft that are doing wonders for this industry and if that wasn’t enough, we now have paint ball.


Play-Doh was invented in 1956. Noah and Joseph McVicker were the people behind the concept. The compound is non-toxic and available in many colors. You can create absolutely anything your mind imagines. Many other toys came out in order to help with the things you could create with Play-Doh for example farm animal limbs, restaurants and barber shops etc. You should know that Play-Doh can be made at home.  You should be able to find how to do that very easily; ask Google.


It was invented 1934. It was Ole Kirk Christiansen who belonged to Denmark who molded the basic idea of building blocks and ended up making something a thousand times better. LEGO means ‘play well’. LEGO used to be very simple in our times but now they have acquired licenses from NASA, Harry Potter, Star Wars and other big franchises. Many different varieties of LEGO are now available and it has become even cooler than it used to be in our times. Of course infants can’t appreciate that, but we can.


Interestingly these were invented in 2000 BC. I know this might sound weird to you but evidently in the ancient tombs, human shaped rags were found that were made to look like the person to whom the tomb belonged to; creepy, one must imagine. Anyway, the mass production of these toys started somewhere in the 1860s in the United States. Dolls came first by the way (just to avoid the chicken and egg debate) and they were followed by Action Figures.


Video games were first invented in 1947. The very first idea came from Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann. The filed a patent for ‘Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device’ on January 25th 1947 and it was granted on December 14th 1948. The device allowed the user to control a dot that would stimulate a missile being fired at targets. I consider that as a video game alright. Form thereon then, boys and girls, it has been an epic evolution. Where video games were first for children, now adults are more into them than ever.

Bring backs memories doesn’t it? Did we miss any toy out, you can let us know. Your opinions are welcome.