Alright, so we get that they are celebrities, we understand that their way of life is something that we dream of, and okay, we admit they get paid an amount that we can only imagine unless of course we end up being celebrities ourselves, but just because they are celebrities they can’t get away if they do not even use body sprays and deodorants. They are humans beings after all aren’t they? So we think they should occasionally perform the act of standing underneath (or sitting for all we care) a shower of water and take what we normal down-to-earth, marginally paid human beings call a bath! Come to think of it, how many celebrities have you admired and how many do you think are hygienically acceptable. No people, do not believe everything you see in the movies. Do you really think that the gelled back hair of most of them are actually gelled back or are they just greasy? Does a star purposefully get the out-of-bed look or is it just the way they are? Read on to find out the most grossing hygienic facts about some of your favorite movie people.


Perhaps Gladiator did not do enough business so as to leave poor Russell with a little money with which to buy anti-prespirants and body sprays. Or perhaps he is in the dark about a product called a perfume! According to his co-stars Mr Crowe has a body odor problem so strong that people prefer sitting down wind of him on gigs and shows. Isn’t that supposed to be a wake up call? Apparently not!


Somehow all the female celebrities who need to clean up are very proud of the fact that they are so messy. Take Cameron for instance, she is often spotted out and about with pit stains and she claims to wear clothes for days at a stretch without bothering to change them. Might we get you some roll ons Miss Diaz?


Zac Effron is another baby-wipe inspired star who does not try cleaning up even after playing hoops. It makes us think, do they need daily reminders that they are stars? No wonder you are still single despite being a hot shot celebrity!


Better known as Monica from the F.R.I.N.D.S series, she reportedly smells like a truck driver and is also not a fan of deodorants. Maybe the whole act of being a clean freak in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series was to satisfy her other self if you know what we mean! Multiple personality disorder anyone?


How did he manage to keep the amazingly hot Miranda Kerr with him and then actually got her to agree to marry him is completely beyond my understanding because from what I hear he refuses to change his clothes for weeks at a time and that too without having them washed. Perhaps Miranda has some weird medical disease due to which she is deprived of the sense of smell otherwise she would have had a nose full of you.


Mathew is another actor who has proudly failed to use a deodorant in the past twenty years! Wow that is such an achievement we must say! Kudos to you! Enlighten us please as to why you are single again? Or maybe you were with someone until they told you that you were disgusting! What a shame!


Word around town is that Colins’s approach to cleanliness is similar to Sparrows in the Pirates of the Caribbean which is to say – no approach at all. He is always spotted with a cigarette hanging from his mouth and when you couple that with his bush of oily hair you get what we call another stinky celebrity.


Maybe he is taking a bit too much from her French wife (the French are known to be very stinky and thus the whole range of perfumes) or maybe he is just too much into his character Jack Sparrow as far as his hygienic activities are concerned because we found out from very reliable resources that Mr Johnny Depp is not so fond of taking showers or changing clothes for weeks at a time.


So she plays a call girl in pretty woman but that was a movie! We wonder if it inspired the beautiful Julia to openly admit that she is prone to be lazy as far as shaving herself is concerned and also her bias towards deodorants in favor of soap is utterly bizarre. What are you thinking babe?


We know that he is married to the beautiful Angeline Jolie and that  he is the father of around six kids the last time we checked. He is this hunk of a man who looks super hot in the movies but who knew that daddy cool is actually so well practiced in his non-hygienic behavior that he now hands out advice regarding it. It was reported that on one of his film sets a co-actor stunk so bad that Brad gave him his personal non-stinking tip. Apparently with all the kids and his job he does not get enough time to shower and thus comments that using baby wipes in the arm pits does the trick! Oh man are we disgusted.