There are so many hot male sports people that we have always drooled over say for example we have all seen Beckham run his magic on the soccer field and then we have seen female models strut their stuff on the ramp. I know that does not make quite a follow-up but I am trying to initiate a thought process here so a little patience please. So I was saying, while these thoughts were flooding my mind and while sipping on a steaming mug of coffee I wondered, why not re-capture the charismatic enigma behind the ladies on the tennis courts. You might actually be surprised at the pretty faces that play this difficult sport. A great combination of beauty and brains, this list brings to you some of the hottest most desirable women from around the globe that are well know tennis players. Some of them are actually pretty good at what they do.


So as it turns out, no matter how big a fan you are of tennis, you might not know every little player that there is. Well since this particular list is based entirely upon the hotness of the players, we give to you Tamira on number ten. A lot you may not recognize her. I respectfully accept that it is more her voluptuous bosom that her face that attracts all the attention but oh well! She is a 20-year-old player and deserved to be on this list so ta da! Hot beginning no?


As far as Anastasia goes in the looks departments, it entirely depends on the choice. She is not half bad to look at but again some people might say and some might say nay depending upon characteristics you like or dislike. At least we do not need to justify that she required face time. Hell she deserved it. Wait up for more Russians on this list of mine people! They bake ‘em just right!


What wouldn’t we give to have a pro player with good looks on the courts. For all the die-hard fans out there, it is a treat to behold. And so we have a Ukrainian Alono on the this list. Standing proud at number 8, this little Miss Pretty became a professional player at the age of fifteen. Ever since, she has been a delight on the courts.


Like I mentioned before, tennis fans would die to see a hot professional players strutting her stuff on the courts, but then there are some who might only know how to hit and bounce. However, if we combine those less than amazing tennis talents with the versatility of a bikini model (a professional play boy model at that), we have our selves a winner. And yes it is ok for some of your players to not be so dashing on the courts and just look pretty for us. Aren’t we the high and mighty lords of tennis!


As stated previously, Russia sure knows how churn them out. Babes about which the minds questions, ” Is that hot chick cool or that cool chick hot?”. Well that is exactly what Maria has got going on for her. She currently holds the 24th position in world ranking and she sure knows her thing pretty well! Kudos to you and your beauty!


When I glance at the picture above I accept the fact that she is a beauty whether on or off the courts. I mean look at her and add that to the fact that in a single year (2004) she reached the finals of the French Open Tournament and the US Open Tournament. She came o the 3rd position in world ranking in the year 2009. Now that is what we call the accurate description of beauty, body, and brains.


Did you happen to see the 2010 US Open tournaments match in which Caroline and Maria Sharapova face off? Well we insist that you you-tube it as soon as possible because it has been the sexiest game ever seen on the courts. Also the fact that at the age of 20, she has suddenly risen to the number one ranking in the world. With a game like that plus a body so toned, we say a little more attention and she might actually get a little something in a magazine, rumors say. Well we are all hush-hush and have our fingers crossed to see what happens. But here is to Caroline!


Do not be surprised folks when you scroll down from here because what you shall be seeing next is a cut above the rest. The last three ladies on the list were definitely worth the wait and thus here goes nothing.

Ivanovic who has taken the professional courts since 2003, has had nearly the entire population of gents hooked on to her. To add to the excitement of all of these drooling Dumbo’s is the fact that she shall be appearing in the Sport’s Illustrated Swim Suit section very soon! Keep your fingers crossed boys and get ready for some hot adventure.


Ok so her being on the list should be no surprise right? I mean she has to be the most popular female of tennis in the last decade and thus she totally gets the attention. She is camera confident and that shows. A lot of people are of the view that she might be a bit over rated in the looks department but it all depends on your personal choice. To me she seems A-OK!


It comes as no surprise that Anna has been the image that was searched most on Google when she was at the peak of her career which she had to quit only because of her injury. But that in no way meant that she had to quit her public appearances. The Spice Girl of the Tennis world is quite the doll to look at and used to be a pleasure to watch on the courts. When she turned professional in 2005, she was there on known as the sex symbol of the tennis sport! True that we say!