Have you ever imagined being your most productive self while sitting in an office building that resembles a police witness protection room or do you think you would reach a creative high if in a place that oozes organic freshness and color. A place that equips your mind to achieve its maximum potential, for your nerves to be in relaxation mode despite the work load. It comes as no surprise that big companies, specially tech intensive companies look forward to hiring competitive employees. To attract them they need to offer not just a handsome pay package but a place that not only matches up to the grandeur of a sky scrapper but also the perks of a lifetime hardwired into the very aesthetics of the place. Scroll below to find ten of the coolest most attractive headquarters in the world.


We have all seen and been impressed by The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, the animated films that were out of this world. That is the Pixar team for you. Looking at the picture above you see tiny miniature huts that are actual individual offices. The mere look of it has such a homely feel to it, something we are sure regular employees, would yearn for.

9. AOL

America Online is no longer the company that it used to be. But kudos to them for trying. They have purchased various different websites ( Techcrunch and Huffington Post to name a few) to push up their level. The most notable change, however, would be the up-gradation of their personal space. They took heed from a gazillion big companies perhaps to come up with an office space which is now more personal and friendly than the linear, boring, and gray persona it had that screamed corporate. Good going AOL!


DTAC Headquaters Bankok, Total Access Communications Public Company Limited is the second largest GSM mobile phone provider in Thailand. They have recently renovated their concept of a working place and bought all of their six offices under one roof occupying around 650,000 square feet. The office spans around 22 floors with the theme of “play and learn”. The office space, as depicted by the picture above portrays an employer of choice. It has a floor dedicated to fun which includes concert performing spaces. Other perks include a massive circular library, amphitheater and what not!


The offices of Red Bull in Soho London have been recreated or recycled (no pun intended) from combining five different pubs. None of the floors are on an equal level and aren’t even linked together so obviously the space turned out to be quite playful, creative, and a building that has plenty of space. They binned the corporate feel of the office and opted for a more of a lounge where every creative and imaginative Londoner would want to spend a few years of their career. Or perhaps even more once they are in!


Youtube head office, San bruno, reflects the office space concept of Google. Expansive and expensive office spaces seem to be a trademark of Google and thus this. At You tube, it is businesses rolled in with pleasure. Here is hoping that such personalized working spaces inspire the employees enough for them to come up with ideas that can pay for all the perks!


The head offices of Palo Alto, California came up with office space based upon a poll amongst their own office employees using their own software asking them what kind of an office space they would want to work in. The result is a huge and spacious working space with places where the employees can even skate and yes get this, they also have an in house DJ dock where they can practice their DJ-ing capabilities to their hearts content. You might be wondering that will all of that, how do they find time to work. Well perhaps you need to be there to know or you can simply time the success of Facebook with every passing day.


When we talk about an office that inspires its inhabitant to work, it doesn’t necessarily have to anything with size. The Selgas Cano office is situated near a forest in Madrid, Spain. The office has to be one of the most relaxing places on earth. This relaxant capsule is half on and half under the ground. The office is light, its airy, and its colorful with a wide variety of food, gaming zones, and fun slides (which are now becoming increasingly popular). This office is so far away from harsh lighting, its not even funny.


There are so many fans of Lego out their and some of them so drawn in that all they’d ever want in their office space surrounding them are blocks of Lego. This dream is the concept behind the office of Lego. In a tireless effort to trigger the imagination of the employees, the whole layout if open, friendly, and the sort that encourages the employees to play around. They are inspired to play with Lego thus coming up with new ideas giving the phrase “work with play” a whole new definition.


Who thought working at a car assembly plant could be chic or macho as far as men are concerned. Well, this and so much more awaits the employees at Volks Wagon Phaeton Plant every day when they report for duty. Who ever says that factories and plants are ugly need to take a complete survey of this. In the words of Aladdin, it is ” A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view”!


Without any doubts what so ever, the first spot of this list belongs to Google! Who else? It is perhaps Google that initiated this trend of heavy duty, personalized, friendly, employee centered work spaces that eventually inspired every big company in the world. Google’s GooglePlex is a world on its own. Apart from the million employee perks and a huge variety of food that it offers round the clock to its employees, here is one thing that you did not know. Inside the Googleplex, one might find various kinds of Dogs roaming. Surprised! Well you should be because Google allows its people to bring their poodles to work. How endearing!