The mafia originated from Sicily in the mid-nineteenth century. The American mafia came to rose from the huge waves of the Italian immigration to the country in the late nineteenth century. I am sure you are familiar with many different dons from those times because of the millions of movies that have been made and I am sure you pretty accustomed to what exactly the mafia was all about. Murder became a profession in the mafia and with that hitman became a career. Everything from the planning, killing and disposal of a specific person was carried out by a hitman and that too with extreme precaution and care. Most of the well-known hitmen died very violently and others were imprisoned. This list talks about the top ten hitmen from those times.


He was one of the most feared hitmen in the 1960s. It is said that he killed over 26 people in his career. Once in a nightclub, he got into a brawl with this one man and he bit out a part of his cheek. It is that incident that earned him his nickname. He was supposed to serve prison for five years at the Massachusetts correctional Institute. He assaulted guards during his time there and other inmates. He escaped three years after his imprisonment with fellow inmates.


He was one of the hitmen of the Profaci crime family base in New York. He took orders from boss Joe Profaci and was involved in many contract killings and often would kill on instinct without provocation. He was dubbed crazy because he would randomly recite lines from gangster movies at that time and his it had nothing to do with his reputation talking of which, it soared in the year 197. He was associated with the assassination of Albert Anastasia. He was a powerful boss at that time.


This guy is known as one of the most notorious, ruthless and sick people in the history of Sicilian Mafia. It is said that he has murdered over 200 people. Authorities however, do not give him much credit and therefore the number eight position. He was raised in Palermo in Italy and he was associated with the underworld figures from a very young age. He soon became a member of a ‘death squad’. He worked for Salvatore Rinna successfully.


This guy was one of the primary hitman’s of the Al Capone’s family. He operated during the 1930s and 1940s. He was involved in a knife fight when he was twenty years old and therefore lost is right eye. He later got that replaced with a glass eye. He began to accept murder contracts from Gennas brothers. Later he shifted to accepting contracts from Al Capone. He also served around fourteen years in prison. He was severely beaten by the inmates (serves him right do you think?).


Have you seen the movie ‘Goodfellas’; it came out in 1990? Joe Pesci depicted this guy and it was pretty good. In the film however, he is shown as a small guy with an attitude but in real life DeSimone was

quite large; six feet tall to be specific. He weighed in on around 225 pounds. It is said that this guy has killed around six people on contract and he was mostly defined as a pure psychopath. There are other reports that say he has killed about eleven people.


This guy operated in Philadelphia and he served the Scarfo crime family from 1981 to 1984. He also died in 1984. His father happened to be a very successful criminal (yes, back then being a criminal was a career). He was killed by a nail bomb in 1981 and therefore Salvatore inherited all his legitimate and illegitimate businesses. Salvatore was immensely rich for the age of 25 years and we can know why. It is said that he killed around fifteen people while he was actively working as a hitman.


He was the underboss of the Gambino crime family. He previously worked under John Gotti. He bailed on John Gotti and later became an informant against him (pretty gutsy, I imagine). His testimony put Gotti in prison for the remaining part of his life (talk about loyalty). He was nicknamed ‘The bull’ because of his size and the way he used to carry himself and it was also because he would usually involve himself in a fist fight with other mobsters out of nowhere. He was quite notorious to say the least.


He worked as a contract killer in the 1970s. He was active in Palermo, Italy. He operated whilst being on the run from the law. For most of his career he remained a fugitive and to think he scored number three here. He was really terrible. He worked alone mostly and would usually wield AK-47. It is said that in totality he killed over 80 people however before becoming a fugitive he had already killed 58 people. He is noted to have tortured and killed a teenager by dissolving his body in acid.


He was one of the most notorious killers who involved themselves with Murder Inc. It was a secret group of killers and it worked for the Mafia. They remained active from 1920 to 1950. He worked for many New York crime families and was the most active in the 1930s. He used an ice pick as his weapon of choice. He would impale the victim’s head with it and puncture the victim’s brain. Driven by rage, he would often kill on impulse. He once killed a parking lot attendant because he failed to bring is car fast enough (hard to argue with that don’t you think?).


This guy is probably the most infamous contract killer in the history. He is said to have had around 200 successful targets. He never killed women or children though (oh the humanity). He operated in New York and New Jersey and was acted from 1950 to 1988. He worked for the DeCavalcante family (at least that is the most noticeable one). He committed his first murder at the age of fourteen. He beat a bully to death using a wooden stick. He dumped the body off of South Jersey bridge and before doing that he removed the fingertips and teeth off of the boy in order to avoid identification.