Occupational pressures are a pain in the butt; pardon me for being so direct, but in today’s developing economy many of us who are responsible for earning for his or her family, have experienced discomfort and stress at times, especially on the job. You come home grumbling because some of your buddies aren’t lifting a finger at work and are muddled in easy wealth. Well there could be two reasons for that, either they are very good at the job or they have a job which is less stressful. The latter is more evident, because not everybody is a living genius. Today we are going to rate jobs according to its stress factor; in other words we highlight jobs which give you the least amount of stress.

10. Linguist

Linguist is the one who is well versed in many languages, he is more skilled than a common language interpreter or a boring translator. He studies the language profoundly until there is no syllable left untouched or a word that needs caring. I once had a teacher who was skilled in 12 languages; the guy was a walking verbal map! This job is like swatting away flies and waiting for them to return so that you can finally paste them to your desk. There is no physical activity or whatsoever, no work done, because you just sit there and pronounce “anger management” to the others. He or she loves to do the job, because it’s not easy to be a linguist that quickly. Clearly, a stress free job

9. Hair Stylist

The dynamics of a barber shop is truly amazing when you look at it from the guy doing your hair. People walk in to look changed, you work in a huge four walled machine that changes people instantly. It gets better when you have to deal with women mostly, you will be amazed at what wives, single mothers and divorced women reveal when they come for a hairdo. Many of my friends are driven to discuss their stupid failures at the office and how naturally they dumped their girlfriends etc., even to the extent of discussing on personal pleasures. The question is that how can you become stressed at this job when you get to look at the neck lines and at celebrities without makeup all day long. It’s more of a direct pleasure than a stress free activity.

8. Librarian

Librarians are the next step in being a boring bookworm; they keep the shelves dust free and piled with information about our culture, history, science and other various areas. They hold the key sort of, to what you can borrow yourself into; they bear the burden of arranging millions of books, so that you get what you want in no time. Besides being a bookish monster all the time, you meet more people per hour than a coffee guy at Starbucks. You go home every day and complain about what? No seriously can you think of anything?

7. Speech therapist

Speech therapist or the SLP’s meaning Speech Language Pathologists are found everywhere in a developed world. They are behind the desk of every major organization such as in skilled nursing facilities, large-scale hospitals, colleges and universities, recovery centers, state health subdivisions, state and federal government organizations, and many corporate environments. You are required to evaluate employees according to their language fluency, pronunciation and stuttering so that in a meeting with the Japanese giants the employees get to correct Mr. Takamoto. On the job SLP are very determined and all day long you just have to correct the social skills, oral motor skills and word swallowing. You never come across something called stress.

6. Medical records technician

As the name suggests, you are responsible for shuffling test tubes, keeping the labels in check, de-fragmenting the huge volumes of patient files and other small checks required to keeping everything in place where it can be found later. You might think that doing all the running here and there in the medical environment is a sweaty duty, but think again, the entire hospital environment is centrally cooled, the medical samples have to be kept below room temperate all the time etc., you never feel the heat of you work. MRTs are primarily required to keep track of records only, which usually takes place in a medical library. Stress Factor = negligible

5. Jeweler

Jewelers are specialized artists who handle all the work that goes from preparing something small such as a ring to a bigger project such as designing custom sets for rich clients. Some Jewelers pride in their work to the extent of designing their own line of jewelry items targeted at special customers such as high-ranking celebrities. I mean not everybody can afford jewelry, so you get to choose your customer every time you decide to sell a piece. This job requires precision and is very rewarding much like the precise engineering that goes into building a single Ferrari. You get to design a modern artifact, how cool is that?

4. Tailor

Besides relieving people of their public nudity problem, you have an honest job with a good pay. Tailors are skilled artists and the business is ongoing because every new baby has to be clothed. Think of this job as a favor to the society. Some people, who have mastered this profession, have started their own line of stitching. A totally stress free job

3. Dietitian

Put simply this job positions you on the other end of the dinner table, you supervise the management of food, design the serving of food, help people organize their diet, relieve pregnant women of their alcohol calendar, assist business people in maintaining their active metabolism and much more.  Basically you always talk about food. If you are stationed in a hospital, then you get to blab your dietary skills to the patients, obese doctors and nurses. If what you do is speak, then how can this job be so stressful?

2. Remedial Gymnast

Imagine that you have a toy pet model of Stephen Hawking and you wanted to fix it by improving its dead joints and you planned to stick rubber strings around his paralyzed bottom, well this job is almost the same, in other words you are a remedial gymnast because all you have to do is set up a list of special exercises for your patient that involves relaxing the muscle joints, training in basic movements and regaining the proper use of nervous system. It’s just like any other therapeutic job only with less work and minimal stress.

1. Furniture Upholsterer

And we are down to 1, and on this rank we have our friendly neighborhood’s Woody Upholsterer. This job is basically just the supervision of what actually is done to your furniture. This involves setting up what color you want for your furniture, how tough you want it, should the build go with your lifestyle, or if you have a studio apartment and you want extra theme added to it etc., all this is over seen by the Upholsterer.  People come to you, you don’t have to bother at all, all you have to do is show up on TV once in a while and that’s it.  We definitely want to recommend this job for a loving husband out there.