It happens to nearly all of us that sometimes we just cannot figure out where we left that particular key set of ours. Has it ever happened to you that you went out with your house keys in your hands and when you returned you just couldn’t find them anywhere? Or perhaps you might have been in a situation where you are getting late for a party and you just cannot find the car keys. It is one of the most annoying things to ever happen to anyone and since having personally experienced it, I can say with utmost surety that it is not something one really admires rather it just makes your skin crawl with the anxiety that you might have actually lost them! I have compiled a list of the most likely places where you might lose your keys. This list might come as a handy checklist the next time you are in the middle of a search!


You know how sometimes you look for something in the same place for like a gazillion times but you cannot find it but then all of a sudden it is just lying there. I would be lying if I say that the prospect of tiny little monsters messing with my stuff has never crossed my mind. Whenever I search for my stuff and cannot find it despite looking in the drawers a lot of times – and then I just find them lying on top of my stuff in one of the same drawers, I always think of “little devils” playing tricks. Jokes apart, drawers are one of the most common places to lose ones keys and they already contain so much stuff, it is easy to over look the item you are searching for.


This particular place applies only to the ladies, and is applicable for men only if it is their wives that carry the keys around when ever they go out. I distinctly remember one of my favorite actresses mentioning in one film (while she searches through her bag for they keys to her apartment) that “The keys are playing hard to get”! I just thought it was so cute because of the honesty of the comment. A women’s bag is normally so over loaded with stuff (you can literally find anything in there) that the little keys actually do get lost and nearly always the rest of the stuff needs to be taken out before the keys can be located. So yes! They play really hard to get!


Has it ever happened that you went into the changing rooms and since there was nothing to put your stuff on, you just placed you cell phone along with the keys on the floor. You then changed and looked into the mirror. Then you just picked up your cell phone and left! The poor little keys lying deserted on the floor! believe it or not, this has happened to more than a few people. Changing rooms have been one of the most common places where people have known to lose their keys! Thank fully it never happened to me although the changing room routine is almost always the same. I might actually freak out!


The bus is another very famous place to lose your keys. Hell! I lost mine a taxi once right along with my cell phone because I simply forgot to pick them up when I got off. So on the bus, you need to be really careful of whatever you put on the seat next to you because some beefy old guy might actually sit on top of your stuff and therefore the stuff will escape your notice when you are getting up. I am sure you would not expect the beefy guy to check under his massive bottom for some stuff that you might have forgotten. So yes! you need to be careful!


Another one that happens very frequently and is the only reason I keep my car keys firmly around one of my fingers when I am shopping. As per reports, what actually happens is that you are shopping and as soon as you get your stuff, you put the keys on the counter to get your wallet and then just leave with the payment receipt and your new purchases, completely forgetting about the keys! As compared to other places from where you can eventually find the keys, this is one place from where they might actually disappear so folks, keep ‘em hanging onto that finger like ‘moi.


So you went to a night club or a darkly lit restaurant and forgot to zip up your wallet or your key holder or your purse properly. What will happen is that your keys probably might fall out and you won’t even notice it. Again a place from where you might not get a chance to retrieve the poor keys later.


Suppose you took the car keys along to a place where you were going by plane. Since the keys will not be in use over there, you will not remember actually putting them in a safe and visible place. After you are done with the vacation, the keys might be lying in the dresser table for all you care because you will not be driving back home and thus you lose them. Very dangerous of course because the only way out would be to go back to the same place or get new ones made! Either option might cost you quite a hefty amount so be aware please.


So this is an interesting one, very common too. Suppose you are standing over a sewer and the keys dangling from the chain in your hand. Suppose one falls off the key chain and into the sewer. Think as hard as you want, you will never be able to figure this one out! So if you cannot find your keys anywhere, you have probably dropped them in a sewer.


This has happened to me more often than not and this gets mentioned on number two on this list. You go to someone’s house and on your way back you forget the house keys there! Well tough luck because you are just going to have to drive back again to get them!


This one I find the most hilarious and also the most silliest place to lose ones keys. Assuming you just got home and turned off the engine but did not take the keys out of the ignition. You take stuff out from the back and then just close the door and head inside. The poor keys are left dangling in the ignition and you won’t even think of looking in the ignition till it is the last resort. So whenever you lose your keys, check the ignition first. And yes don’t be surprised, it has been known to happen!