It is a true fact that a human brain can do a lot of amazing things which is the prime reason enabling humans in turn to do amazing things. Take as an example that we accept light rays into our eyes and our brains percepts these light rays via the optic nerves and the nerve signals thus sent, and analyzes it. After analyzing it, the required signals are sent to various parts of our body to generate the correct responses. And all of this is done in a span of time. This example can be included in the things that are known to every one and each and every one of us is aware that the brain is a powerful organ.

There are, however, certain things that the human mind has been known to do that most of us are unaware about. This list that I compiled for you, is a summarization of such things. The cases presented below are a rarity and we do not find a lot of people suffering from such phenomenon but feel free to divulge in the information presented below.

10. Pam Reynolds’ Experienced Life After Death

She is a blues singer belonging to Atlanta. What happened was that she under went a surgery that is known by the name of an aneurysm. While the surgery is being performed, the brain is drained of all the blood which obviously renders it inactive for almost 45 minutes. The amazing thing is that she remembered everything that was performed during the operation.  The fact that the whole procedure was done by expert physicians and the brain actually was unable to accept any kinds of signals (should have been actually), even then she could re-tell most of the things. Which makes her one of the very few people in the world who have experienced a Near Death Experience.

9. Henry Molaison’s Couldn’t Form New Memories

Henry Molaison has the kind of brain issue that no one in the entire world has. He underwent a radical procedure that is no longer performed on any one any more. What they do in the procedure is to remove the temporal lobe (the medial one) to control often occurring seizures. After the procedure was done, the patient stopped suffering from the aforementioned seizures but when the doctor saw what had become of his memory, he vowed never to do this procedure again. The patient now has anterograde amnesia. This difficult to pronounce or even spell disorder, did not allow Henry’s brain to form ANY new memories. What he had eaten, where he had been, whom he had met, nothing! He did have memories from the past but that was it! He lived like this for 52 years dying at the age of 85 eventually!

8. Robin Jenks Vanderlip’s Adopted a Russian Accent

Robin Jenks Vanderlip lived nowhere near Russia and had not even visited the place in her entire life but once she fell down a stair case and hit her head. When she woke up she found out that she was unable to speak. She slowly started regaining her power of speech but that was in a Russian accent! She is one out of sixty people in the whole world who seem to have the “foreign Accent Syndrome”. It is as weird as it sounds because for someone who had never spoken in Russian before, to suddenly start speaking in it, is bound to be a little alarming and makes one think, how do we have accents in the first place!

7. Howard Engel’s Can Write but Can’t Read

Howard was a Canadian Novelist and after having a stoke he realized that he had completely lost his power to understand or comprehend written English! He said that to him it looked like some foreign print in some weird language that he had no clue about. I am sure for a writer it was absolutely alarming. To him, none of the letters or the words made any sense. The good thing is that he eventually figured out a way to make himself understand and then write. When ever he is faced with a written script he would trace the shape of the letters with the help of his tongue on the roof of his mouth and the brain then helped him translate them into what they actually meant. Pretty amazing isn’t it!

6. A German Girl’s Sees Just Fine with Only One Hemisphere

All of those who have read Biology to some extent are aware of the fact that we are able to see properly because of the two hemispheres of the brain. And as per that knowledge, if one of the hemispheres is absent, we should not be able to see with one eye. The reason is that the nerves of the right eye communicate with the left hemisphere and those of the left eye communicate with the right hemisphere. In this girl’s case, however, her left hemisphere was absent since birth, so technically she should only be able to see with her right eye which is not true. She can see perfectly well the reason being that somehow, via nature, the nerves of her left eye automatically transferred to her right hemisphere and there the data from them is processed separately. The brain truly is a never-ending maze of mysteries and perhaps that is why brain surgeons are so highly paid!

5. Baby Z’s Nearly Melted Brain

Baby Z is a name given to an Australian baby who was suffering from a rare genetic disease called molybdenum cofactor deficiency within three days of her birth. Ordinarily, as per medical knowledge, she should have died due to the reason that her brain should have melted because of toxic amounts of sulphite that builds up. But her brain kind of like absorbed all of it and she continues to live. She was obviously treated for this disease after which her brain became able to process sulphite.

4. A Pittsburgh Woman’s Thought Her Friends Were Posing as Strangers

She was a 22-year-old woman who suffered a weird kind of problem after she had been in a car accident. She was fine for two years after the accident but then she started having seizures. She began thinking that all the strangers around her were actually her own friends and family posing as other people. She was suffering from what happens to be the Frigoli syndrome. She was cured and then she had no recollection of the whole disorder.

3. Orlando Serrell’s Started Remembering Dates

He is a gifted person of sorts. The reason is that after being hit by a baseball bat in 1979, he got a bad headache. The headache cleared after a few weeks but he found out that he could name any day of the week at any time starting from the day he got hit. Sometimes he could not only remember the day but also the kind of weather it was that day! Brilliance of the mind I say because he says that he could see the calendar in his mind’s eye!

2. Michael Corke’s Brain Wouldn’t Let Him Sleep

Till the year 1990, the record of staying awake for two hundred and seventy hours (276). The record was later removed from the Guinness Book of World Records due to obvious health issues. Well the poor man died after remaining awake for the said number of days and even though the doctors did sedate him enough to induce a coma, nevertheless, his brain stayed awake. He had a disease called fatal insomnia which took his life.

1. Sam’s Brain Grew a Foot

If his mom had gotten labor induced and would not have gone through the last ultrasound, no one would have been able to see the tumour that was growing inside his brain. When he was operated upon, the tumour turned out to have grown a foot. Two types of cases were diagnosed, one in which there might have been a twin baby which the fetus of sam had swallowed, and the other case was of a rare tumour that was often shaped like various organs! It was however removed and the little guy was perfectly fine.