Initially I thought I would do an article on things that one should hate about Facebook and then I thought that oh well, why waste my time spreading hatred when I can inform people. So here is the thing! This article will enlighten you about some of the facts about Facebook that were previously unknown or little known you can say. Please read on to amuse yourself, some things about your beloved social networking site that you might have missed!

10. A country that bans FACEBOOK!

So you thought that Facebook was this all-encompassing thing and that no one any where would even dare to block it! Well you were wrong because as amazing as it might sound, there is  a place where Facebook is banned! The country in question is Syria. There are several reason for the blockage of the website in the country and the most famous excuse that is used is that fact that the controlling agencies said people were trying to promote utterly false statements and concepts about religion and specially about warfare. But the original story is that the agencies feared that people would create groups on Facebook that might result in an actual uprising!

9. Facebook Hates Breastfeeding Mothers!

I am not exactly sure whether this registers as a fact or not but there are accounts that have been deleted only because the owner uploaded pictures of mothers breastfeeding their babies. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this and very mean remarks from people as well (that included stupid comments about Mark Zuckerberg his mother that I will not mention here). Apparently, although it is very weird, Facebook has some reservations against such pictures and the pictures do not even have to be vulgar to qualify the deletion of your account. A simple innocent picture would do.

 8. We Don’t Like Your Name

After the breast-feeding thing being said and also the fact that Facebook might have some very strange biases being registered you might you have heard the most. Well get this, Facebook also has some reservations against certain kinds of names! It appears that people who have names like “voslo” and “ogmento” and “Leboe” have suffered the account deletion problem as well. There have been so many people who reported the same thing that their accounts were mysteriously deleted because they had weird names! So if your name is “adildo” watch out for your account and do send me an email about why (oh WHY) were you named so?

7. It’s Addictive

If you think you are spending too much time on Facebook and that all the time, all you can think about is what you next status would be how you would edit your profile picture, what album you would be uploading etc. Then you are most probably suffering from FAD, which is a new disorder that has been introduced by psychologists and is known as “Facebook Addiction Disorder”!

6. World’s youngest Billionaire

I am sure that you have heard and read a lot about famous billionaires around the world and their stories of success but did you know that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and certainly the owner too, is the youngest billionaire in the world! He is worth more than $1.5 billion and the figure is increasing everyday! Well I think he needs a round of applause for bringing the charm of Facebook to our otherwise dull lives eh?

5. Status updates

Nearly 30 million people update their status in Facebook everyday and that is saying a lot. Remember what I said about FAD and the symptoms of it. Even I think I am catching onto the fever! Now there is one thing being obsessed about updating ones status and a whole other thing uploading a status that is on another level! I took the liberty to mention a few status update over here so you get the idea of what I am saying!

Dash can speak French in Russian.
Dash’s charm is so contagious that a vaccine was created for it.
Dash thinks that a day without sunshine is like night.
Dash is a lover not a fighter, but he’s also a fighter so don’t get any ideas.
Dash is so broke that she’s going to KFC to lick other people’s fingers.
Dash feels ashamed of his smoking but its better that I smoke this and let the dreams of the cigarette workers come true then to be selfish & worry about my lungs.

4. 85%+ of all college students use FACEBOOK and 70% of them log in EVERYDAY

It is an established fact that Facebook is a favorite of most of the world’s young generation but did you know that nearly eighty-five percent of all the college going crowd is hooked onto Facebook and not only that, nearly seventy percent of them login every. If not that they log in once every week! I wouldn’t be too shocked if Facebook became part of the syllabus worldwide!

3. Pictures Uploaded Monthly on Facebook

Do you think that you are the only who no longer takes pictures purely for preserving the memory but also for the fact that you know you will be uploading it on Facebook that moment you get your hands on a PC? Well you are not the only one and I don’t blame you at all but have you ever wondered how many like you are out there? Well let me enlighten you, the number of pictures uploaded on Facebook every day is 333,333,333 which in rough estimation means 1 billion every month! I shall give you time to digest this!

2. Active Users

Let me cut across all the numbers and everything and let me tell you in simple words that the number of active users for Facebook every month increases by 250%! Yes that is true! You can do the remaining maths!

1. Stalking their Ex’s

The last fact of the day would be the fact that according to a survey 60% of all men and women log onto Facebook for the pure pleasure of stalking their Ex’s and I say Kudos! Why not when it has been made super easy for you!