Ten Recipes with Three or Less Ingredients

While I am on the subject of food, I would like to talk about easy cooking. Many times you may find yourself alone at your home on a Sunday night with absolutely nothing to eat. You are out of money so you pretty much can’t order stuff as well. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you dishes you can cook or bake with three or lesser ingredients. If you are lucky, you might be able to find something from this list and cook for yourself the next time you find yourself in the similar situation. Let me tell you exactly how boggled I was when I found out about these dishes; very. Enjoy the read.

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Ten Awesome Brainteasers

The Blind Men - Ten Awesome Brainteasers

We certainly have made a habit out of not using our brains very often and therefore I feel it is important for us to take them on a spin every once in a while. The best way to do is play some puzzle games oh even strategy games would do. Many different board games will really get your mind working for example, Chess. But this particular list is not about different board games or other such stuff. Listed below, are ten brain teasers that are proven to be very difficult. Believe me; I had to think loads for solving them. They practically get you tired. Now the answers to all of them can be found online but before you glimpse at the answers, I would ask you to please give it your best before you look at the answers and please don’t cheat.

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Ten Awesome War Movies

The Pianist - Ten Awesome War Movies

It is not possible for me to comprehend that there are guys out there who don’t have a thing for war movies, I mean they are absolutely fantastic and there is no way you don’t like them. I for one love them and watch them over and over again; well, most of them at least. They usually end up teaching us a little bit about ancient history, there’s loads of fighting and sometimes they sequences are just absolutely brilliant. There have been many movies on different wars around the world and while many were fictional, many were released with real life stories as well. In the past hundred years, many directors are now known because of such war movies and below is a list of ten that you will not regret watching, so get your players ready and rent them as soon as possible.

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Top Ten Classic Cocktails

Daiquiri - Ten Awesome Cocktails

A cocktail by definition is basically a mixture of different alcoholic drinks and a few other ingredients. The oldest definition of a cocktail came out in 1806 that said, ‘a stimulating beverage made from spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters’. I think this is accurate enough however the definitions have been changing thereon. This particular list talks about the different, not to mention awesome, cocktails that you can make at your home and enjoy. In order to make some of these cocktails and many others that are not on the list you might need a few ‘tools’. You will need a muddler, a cocktail shaker and a strainer. These are easy to find so you don’t have to sweat. Enjoy the list and tell us about your favorite cocktail.

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Ten Best Rated Anime Series

The Disappearance - Ten Best Rated Anime Series

I am a huge fan of anime and I am thankful to Japan for coming up with the concept. This particular discusses the top rated anime series and their original plot summaries. What you need to understand that this list is not made out of personal biases but is in line with the official ratings from a popular anime website. You are however, invited to let us know about your opinions and thoughts on the following series.

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Top Ten Classic Toys

Artist Supplies - Ten Classic Toys

Folks, I bet you remember you childhood and most importantly your childhood toys. Unfortunately, those days are gone and the children of today have different and very advanced toys these days; an iPod for instance. Anyway, this particular list talks about the amazing classic toys that we grew up playing with. Hopefully, it will bring back a lot of awesome memories and maybe a few bad ones too. You should be able to agree with this lost, if not as a whole, with most of it at least. I personally, have owned all of these toys at one point. This happened to be one of the most nostalgic articles for me. Enjoy the read.

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Top Ten Unusual Food Combinations

Coffee and Salt - Ten Unusual Food Combinations

So I am going to take a break from all the movies and direct my attention towards food for a change. I happen to be a huge fan of food; it’s a pity I can’t eat much. There are many different ingredients that you can mix up to create something really weird, I should say, but not a lot of people know about it. I for one, would not taste any of the things mentioned on this list. I wonder what people were actually thinking when they actually came up with these, I want to say recipes? Anyways, this particular list talks about ten different and highly unusual food combinations. Enjoy the read.

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Ten Worst Rated Anime Series

Tekken - Ten Worst Rate Anime Series

The list follows that of the best rated anime and talks about the worst rated anime. Again, I would like to assure you that personal biases were not involved while creating this list and that the ratings were taken from a popular website. The names of the anime are followed by the original plot summaries. To be perfectly honest, I never even heard of these anime series. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the list and agree with what’s written.

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