When it comes to movies my favorite genre has to be comedy. They are usually light and they put you in a good mood whenever you watch them especially if they star one of your favorite comedy actors. You are not always in the mood to watch an action, thriller or a suspense movie but comedy is good to go anytime. That’s exactly why we have seen many comedy actors throughout the history of show business. But this article is not about those comedy actors. This particular article talks about actors who started with comedy but eventually turned serious. If you are a huge movie buff, I am sure you will be familiar with all the artists that I am about to list, believe you me, they are incredibly famous.


Punch-Drunk Love is a romantic comedy but Adam’s character is of a mentally-unstable person who is very lonely and scared. We know that Adam Sandler can act mean and even hurtful, but this time it’s also spiteful and hurtful. This particular film role makes his other film roles a disappointment really if you ask me because Adam acts with such brilliance in this movie that it’s not even funny.


Folks, you know Owen Wilson. He is mostly seen in comedy movies and funny roles. Sure he’s been in serious movies ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ before this one but the ‘Darjeeling Limited’ takes him on to the next level. Wilson’s character in the movie has attempted suicide and Wilson in real life has done the same thing. Wilson gives an epic performance and pulls the character off really well.


Louie is a show that is somewhat a reflection of Louis’s real life. But those who keep regular tabs on the show know that it is more than that. It has its funny moments and then its serious moments. Even though he is a comedy actor but when you see this how, you know just how much he is like every other person on the face of this Earth.


Patton Oswalt would probably describe himself as an overweight nerd. When you think of this guy, ‘joy’ is the word that comes to your mind. But if you have seen the movie ‘Big Fan’, there’s probably nothing joyful about this guy. Oswalt plays a lonely sports fan. It is a weird yet gripping movie. Oswalt is known to provide voices for different silly cartoons and you will not believe the performance he managed to deliver in this film.


Will Ferrel usually plays a man-child. In this particular movie (Stranger than Fiction), Ferrel plays the role of an IRS agent. His life is narrated by Emma Thompson. The performance of Ferrel in this picture has such gravity that it’s really hard to believe it’s him for the entire course of the movie. You cannot associate to him or the ‘him’ in other movies. He looks like a hollow person who has been given a chance to live and he was able to deliver the character flawlessly.


Ryan Reynolds has usually starred in comic, wise and fast-speaking roles. They don’t necessarily have to be ‘comedy’ per say, but they do somehow make you laugh. Have you seen the movie called ‘Buried’? Ryan Reynolds stars in the movie and it’s about him being buried in a coffin for an hour and a half. So it’s basically just one actor and one location but Ryan Reynolds keeps you hooked. The movie is worth the watch. None of his funny characters come to mind. It’s a brand new Ryan for you ladies and gentlemen. You can tell, while watching the movie, that the character is scared, confused and really, REALLY, alone.


Comedies put Michael Keaton on the map which is why when he was announced as Batman the fans were not happy. His fans could not picture this guy as batman considering his dark character. But Michael Keaton was able to pull it off with great success. It was the same as Heath Ledger. Nobody really expected him to give the performance he did.


Robin started as a comedian and would say whatever that came to his mind. This confidence landed him with a chance to star in movies. He took his work very seriously and tried to diversify his acts starting very early in his career. If you are a Robin Williams fan and you haven’t seen ‘One Hour Photo’ then you better go to a movie store this very moment and rent it out. Williams plays a mentally-ill, depressed and a lonely photo technician in this movie and his performance is epic. You will not believe that he’s the same Robin Williams you know from the comic acts.


Without a doubt Jim Carrey is my favorite comedy actor. The first movie I saw that starred him was ‘The Mask’, and man it was good. Jim Carrey’s roles can be seen changing from The Truman Show to the Man on the Moon and then The Majestic. All these pictures shed a light on a previously unseen side of Jim. The movie that brought the man to his full potential was ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. He gets out of terrible relationship and in order to get the girl out of his mind he undergoes a surgery. The role is very subtle and it is a must watch movie.


Bill Murray and Robin Williams are one of the first actors that come mind when you talk about the subject of ‘comedy actors that turned serious’. Murray has been a comedy actor for a while although the change in his acting genre can be noticed in ‘Lost in Translation’. That movie however does show how much Bill Murray is actually capable of however, Broken Flowers is one movie that does. I am not going to put out the entire story here in case you haven’t seen the movie but it is about Bill Murray searching for his son. Bill’s performance is very emotional and he did a great job handling it.